Michigan State just signed the 2017 class, but is already working for 2019 hard by going after MI CB Corry Thomas!

Michigan State just signed the 2017 class, but is already working for 2019 hard by going after MI CB Corry Thomas!

One of the fastest men in Major League Baseball, Jarrod Dyson, famously coined the term “That’s what speed do!”  He was referring to all of the things he makes happen on the field simply because of his jets. 


Michigan State is interested in a 5’9”, 160-pound cornerback…who runs a 4.43 40-yard dash…and he’s just a sophomore in high school!  Welcome to the football equivalent of Jarrod Dyson.  Welcome to the world of Corry Thomas.


“I actually started to notice when I was around eight-years old playing Little League Football, and the first time I got the ball, it was like a 70-yard touchdown…untouched, straight up the sideline,” Thomas told Spartan Nation.


Corry, out of River Rouge, MI and a member of the Class of 2019, is nicknamed “Grease” because of speed; he also runs track in high school.  “It’s just a blessing,” he said of his quickness.


Growing up in Michigan, Thomas admitted he was always a Spartan fan, and after recently being invited to campus for a basketball game, he fell in love with East Lansing even more.


“I loved Michigan State.  I can’t wait until I can start coming back up there…I just have to keep going,” Corry admitted.


“It’s a lot of intensity, and I like intensity,” he continued on MSU.  “That comes around with me being fearless.  Being around intensity all the time just gets my adrenaline running.”

Aside from Michigan State, Corry has also recently heard from Wisconsin, Arkansas, Louisville, North Carolina and Oregon.


In regards to the Spartans, specifically, Thomas has been hearing from Director of College Advancement & Performance, Curtis Blackwell, and Football Program Consultant, Sheldon White.  He plans to camp at Michigan State at some point this summer.  But part of what attracts him to Michigan State is the way DBs are used in the defense – usually in press coverage, left alone on an island with one-on-one coverage.


“I didn’t come up with any help, so I don’t need any help when I’m on an island,” Thomas said.  “I don’t care who you are when you line up – I don’t care if you’re [Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver] Julio Jones…if you’re stepping out, I’m going to guard you.”


There is often a fine line between arrogance and confidence.  Make no mistake…Corry Thomas is confident, not arrogant.  He believes in himself.


Fearless is a word to describe Corry between the white lines, but he also understands some positives and negatives in his game.


In terms of the negatives, “It has to be technique,” he explained.  “You can never master technique.  You can always get better at technique.”


But in regards to a positive in his game he said, “Me being physical…if I get beat, I can make up speed.”


It all comes back to speed for Corry Thomas.  Between his legs and his hands, he actually said he could play wide receiver.  But because of his speed, he’s actually better after mistakes – he may get beat off the line, but he can make up ground faster than almost anyone to get back into the play.


Yes, 2019 is still a bit down the road, but try to keep an eye on Corry Thomas in the coming months.


But don’t blink…you might miss him!

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