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Taking the time to answer your Michigan State football questions and emails. Part one.

Taking the time to answer your Michigan State football questions and emails. Part one.

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…


Hondo, I was told that the reason Mark Dantonio made no staff changes was because Mark Hollis the Athletic Director would not authorize it.  Can you confirm or deny this?  If it is true I am furious with Hollis.  S. Gates

I can tell you that is 100% false.  Mark Hollis would have allowed Coach Dantonio to make ANY staff change he wanted and would have got the money for him to go get any assistant he wanted with the understanding that they would keep this team competitive every season for a Big Ten title.  The decision to make no staff changes or upgrades was 100% Mark Dantonio’s.


Hondo, last year RJ Shelton was a solid KR and did not see much time at PR. Who do you see stepping in at KR? Will Sowards remain the PR or will the staff be looking to find more of a playmaker (like Corley) to put back there?  Aaron Rivkin 

Great question.  I will address the Corley issue further down in another question, but based upon the stay the course mentality of the coach I think the percentages are high that there will be no change at PR.  If it were up to me you would see Madre London, Donnie Corley, and Hunter Rison all in the mix.


Hondo, appreciate all that you do for us Spartan Fans.  Why does it seem to appear that the staff cannot "close" down the home stretch of recruiting?  I'm as pleased as can be that the early commits we had weathered the storm of a terrible season and stuck with us.  But - it seemed like we were scrambling late just to fill spots. Bruce Cameron

I understand your question, but I will come at my answer another way.  If you want them to be the hardcore closer, than it means you don’t want them to be the guys that had 16 early commits and one in season that never wavered.  When you are hardcore closers it is difficult to have the relationship that they do that gets kids to stay committed.  My answer would be that you keep the Coach Dantonio approach, but as you add staff they have to be top tier recruiters.  It is difficult to close on players that you are trying to get at the end that you are in late on.  I think a deeper talent pool on the staff (actual coaches not the support staff) would help developing player relationships so you aren’t scrambling at the end.


Hondo, you have been really straight that you think the entire staff is not great recruiters, but there are some.  So I ask who is the most underrated recruiter on the staff?  Thanks Peggy Truffaut

Ron Burton is a top tier recruiter.  I hear that from players, high school coaches, and even other coaches.  He is a top tier recruiter.


Hondo, I have heard that there was some real frustration with how Coach Dantonio used Donnie Corley last year.  I had three different players that I had a class with who all said he should have been returning kicks and punts.  Do you agree with them and is it true that he was so good that players were frustrated?  Kyle

Yes.  I can tell you 100% that there were players and staff VERY frustrated that Donnie Corley was not used in the special teams game.  It was one of many frustrations this season.


Hondo, I have been told that Jon Reschke has been expelled from MSU.  Is that accurate?  Has he been expelled? Mary C.

Jon HAS NOT been expelled.


Hondo, I am trying to wrap my mind around how a football team goes from 12-2 and in the Final Four to 3-9 and in the toilet bowl.  I know that we lost some players, but we had players who were highly touted by this staff to step up.  Was the disaster that this season 100% due to on field lack of talent?  Tim Price

Absolutely not.  You do not drop off that far because of on field alone.  MSU had some real problems that were not just on field and they have to get fixed.

Hondo, as I watched the videos you posted with the coaches I noticed over and over that you told them that you noticed two big things.  The team upgraded on speed and the class had no divas.  In every case they agreed with you.  That scared me that without saying it themselves, they admitted that this staff had been bringing in divas that led to the chemistry issues you addressed all season.  Should that concern me as a donor or even (P***) me off?  M.B.

I think as a Spartan that should encourage you as long as any remaining divas don’t poison them.  No program is perfect and the fact they identified the issue and addressed it should encourage you.  It was really stunning to me how they really addressed speed.  At every single position MSU got faster and they needed to.


There you go everyone.  That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article.  Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A.  If you are a premium member to Spartan Nation please make sure you point that out, as those questions get answered first.  Thank you.

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