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Answering your Michigan State football questions and emails...Part 2!

Answering your Michigan State football questions and emails...Part 2!

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…


You stated that Jon Reschke was not expelled from MSU. Do you expect him back on the football team this upcoming football season?  Ray K.

Yes.  I am not reporting that as a fact, you asked for my opinion.  It is based on my expectations from what I am hearing from the program.

Hondo, I was told that Jon Reschke was kicked off the football team by a 101-4 vote and you saying he was not expelled from the school didn’t cover the team voting him off.  Is that true?  Doug, Laingsburg, MI

Doug, I was asked if he was expelled and I answered.  I didn’t dance and I didn’t waver.  I will say this.  People can hide behind the anonymity of the internet and make things up, it’s America.  But I can tell you that there was not a team wide vote to kick Jon Reschke from the team.  On a side note, with the seniors from last year no longer part of the program and all but three freshmen not here, there isn’t even close to 105 players. 

Hondo, I understand that anything can happen and you made it clear that guys can still leave up to and including the first week of the season.  With that established, are you at least a little surprised that one of the three tailbacks hasn’t left yet and were you happy with the rotation and usage or would you do something different.  John Mannis

I wouldn’t say surprised is the word, but intrigued for sure.  The running back rotation has been terrible for two years.  From mixed messages by coaches and players, it clearly is lacking and being terribly handled.  I would make whoever my 3rd string back is each week a key part of at least kick returns.  I know the lack of communication has frustrated the players and it should.


Hondo, there seems to be a lot of worry about the OL recruiting.  Should that be a worry and what are your thoughts on the 2017 OL recruits?  Thanks, Jason R.

Allen Trieu and I broke this down on the TV show this week, YOU CAN WATCH IT WHEN YOU CLICKHERE, but I thought it was solid with some guys that have a huge ceiling.  That said, the Spartans have swung and missed big the last few years in recruiting the OL and there is NO margin for error.

Hondo, I was having lunch with a friend trying to forget 2016 so we talked about spring football.  I said that to me Josh King has to have the biggest spring for MSU.  We need him to take the next step in 2017.  Agree?  Jason in Okemos

 I am not anticipating that Josh will be part of the team this spring so my expectation is that the entire OL needs a monster spring.

Hondo you said that Jon Reschke was not expelled.  Do you expect him to play this spring?  Thank you.  Kurt from Perry, MI

 No I do not.

Hondo, can you tell us why MSU pulled the offers at the last second of Raheem Blackshear and Jon Lovett?  Why go after them late, get them, and then pull the offers?  Peter F.

 MSU made them offers, they accepted, and then decommitted.  No offers were pulled by MSU on either young man.

Hondo whether or not it is because he left or Coach D changing is it fair to say that the discipline inside Spartan football has regressed since Coach Narduzzi left?  Kyle, Swartz Creek

It is a fair and factual opinion that I have heard expressed by player, staff, administrators and fans.  Whether it was the actual loss of Pat or Coach D changing is up for interpretation.

Hondo, you said that recruiting is always crazy, but this year was worse.  Now that signing day is come and gone can you explain a little more please?  Martin Bell

We had three players either give us quotes about committing to MSU (Said they had, but were waiting to announce) so we could break the story moments before they put it on Twitter or ask us to be the ones to break it who didn’t do it.  It was crazy.  Think about that.  A player tells you he committed, gives you quotes for a story and then backs out a few days later.  It was crazy, but I love it.

Hondo, do you have an early prediction who will be the best player in the state of Michigan for 2018 and does MSU have a chance to get him? 

 Devontae Dobbs, OT from Belleville High School in Belleville, MI.  Yes they do have a chance.  CLICK HERE FOR AN ARTICLE WE DID WITH HIM.

Hondo, you have been very high on Cody White the WR for this 2017 class.  With so many receivers, what does he do that sets him apart?  Brian Christopher

He has super skills including the use of his body.  Here is what one division one, power five head coach said to me after he picked MSU.  “He is an NFL corner.  The way that kid can swivel those hips and flip that body with that size says first round pick to me.  The best corners can create contact and separate and move guys off the ball.  Because they do it with their body and not their hands they don’t get called for PI (pass interference).  When you are good at that you are an All Pro NFL wide out.  When you are great at that, and that White kid is, you are an All Pro NFL corner.  He’s special.” 

There you go everyone.  That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article.  Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A.  If you are a premium member to Spartan Nation please make sure you point that out, as those questions get answered first.  Thank you.

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