2018 Detroit King WR Erik Gibson Calls Michigan State, “Always my dream” As He Discusses Recruiting!

2018 Detroit King WR Erik Gibson Calls Michigan State, “Always my dream” As He Discusses Recruiting!

Detroit King WR Erik Gibson Calls Michigan State, “Always my dream” As He Discusses Recruiting!

The Michigan State Spartans over the last several football recruiting classes have stockpiled top tier wide receiver talent.  With each class they have stacked the foundation of one of the deepest wide receiver groups in the nation.  So as the 2018 class begins to take the shape the Spartans already have one commit in the fold with Joseph Scates, but they are actively looking for who will be the second.


Michigan State has offers out, but down in Detroit they haven’t extended an offer yet, but they are acutely aware of an emerging star.  Erik Gibson from Detroit King is an impressive player at 6’2” and 190# and they like what they are seeing.  Gates attended Redford Thurston until January 30 of this year when he made the move to Detroit King.


Gibson was on campus this past weekend for the Spartans win over Iowa.  It was his third time on campus.  He had been up for two games last season and he was wowed by his Breslin Center experience.  He told Spartan Nation, “It was amazing.  The facilities and everything are just impressive.  I had a good time.  I talked to coach (Terrence) Samuel (WR Coach) and Coach Dantonio was on a Nike vacation.”

Gibson was quick to talk about his love for the green and white that goes back a long ways.  “I always grew up liking the Spartans always over Michigan.  That was always my dream to get to Michigan State.”


He went on to elaborate about what an offer from the Spartans would mean to him.  “To me that (an offer) would mean the world.  Growing up as a kid that was all I wanted and all I thought of, green and white.  Now if I would get that, it would mean a lot.”

While an impressive player on the field, don’t mistake Gibson for just an athlete.  He truly puts the student in student athlete and is excellent in the classroom.  “I have been taking advanced math for a long time, since the seventh grade.  I took algebra one in seventh grade, geometry in eighth grade, algebra two in ninth grade and pre calc (Calculus) last year.  I have been excelling in math and in all of my other classes.  I have to take care of my grades before I go on the field.”

But while Erik is achieving the American dream in his life, his roots are what drives him and makes him a success.  From as super family, the Detroit King star is quick to acknowledge how fortunate he is to have two super parents.  Sonia and Erik have done a great job not just raising a football player, but more importantly a gentleman and a scholar.

“My mom stays on me left and right and my dad also.  I just have to thank them because without them I don’t know where I would be.  They are the huge motivation of my life.  I am very fortunate and blessed to have them.”  He went on to add, “They (Sonia and Erik) both are on me equally.  I have to live after football and they are both on me to understand that football only last so long and life continues all of the way.  I can’t say enough about how amazing my parents are.”

The Spartans coaches love the precision that Gibson shows in his route running.  That combined with his size makes him a legitimate weapon stretching the field and going across the middle.

So does Gibson have a time frame in mind for when he hopes to make his college choice?  “There is no time frame; I just want to stay focused in the classroom so I can keep doing what I do well.”  He also said about being on campus this summer that, “I am planning on coming up to camp this summer.” 

Since he has been on campus Gibson has seen first-hand the passion of the Spartan Nation.  Rest assured he was impressed.  “It is amazing.  It is very amazing.  All of the fans and the environment are in to the game.  They are very supportive.” 

Keep It tuned to Spartan Nation for the latest on the Spartans developing 2018 class.

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