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Answering your Michigan State football questions and emails

Answering your Michigan State football questions and emails

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hi Hondo!  I would like you to tell me about quarterback recruiting for MSU and can you give me a breakdown on where we stand and even a best guess on which we land for this class?  Thanks Mike in Traverse City

Hi Mike!  Spartans are in strong with 18 MI QB Theo Day and 18 PA QB Kevin Doyle.  We have interviewed and reported on both men.  Both have offers and as you know MSU will only take one.  Kevin Doyle tells me he wants to make his decision after spring workouts and Day has said to me he will make his choice in March, perhaps early.  With Minnesota landing an 18 QB last week, they were the only team I thought MSU would have to contend with for Day and still thought they were ahead.  While it is not 100% settled, I think Theo Day will be the Spartans 2018 QB.


Hondo, do you have any idea when the next depth chart gets released for MSU Football?  Thanks, Carl

Nothing planned to be released or for a press conference as of yet.  So we just have to wait and see.

Hondo, any prediction on the lead running back in 2017?  Matt Dunn

L.J. Scott has given no indication of losing that role.  Tough solid runner, but I do like Gerald Holmes and Madre London as well.  Scott is a workhorse.

Hondo, if we assume no attrition at the WR spot, how many do you think MSU will take in 2018 class?  Shane D.

They would take 2 and they are in on several for the last spot.  Joseph Scates is already committed and he is a star.  With plenty of top tier guys very interested for 18, things are very bright. 

Hondo, I keep hearing how big the loss of Curtis Blackwell is.  It sounds as if we are doomed without him.  How bad is that really?  Randy

Hi Randy, Mr. Blackwell is very good at what he does.  Very good, but no one person is bigger than the program.  MSU won the Rose Bowl with players that Mr. Blackwell was not the key in landing and there is a super staff in place.  Matt Mueller is a pure recruiting rock star, Butler Benton is superb, and Javon Ringer is amazing.  MSU recruiting is in good shape.  Is it a loss?  Sure.  Is it the end of the world?  There isn’t ANYONE bigger than the program.

Hondo, how critical is it for recruits to MSU to come here for Mark Dantonio’s summer camps?  Thanks.  Jeff Gilbert

For the top tier guys that everyone knows they aren’t as critical.  For the guys that want to get noticed they are vital.  Numerous players have come to an MSU camp and got noticed.  If a player wants to come to MSU to play football and isn’t getting a ton of attention, camp is a very integral thing.

Hondo, you talked about a low profile player that was showing some things in practice and even Dantonio mentioned him, but I couldn’t remember his name.  He was a DE.  What was his name and do you think he can get some reps?  Thanks.  Roy

His name is Dillon Alexander and I do think he can get some reps.  Not saying he is a star or even a starter, but I can tell you that not only was coach talking about him, so are his teammates and that is why I mentioned him.


With spring ball starting this weekend can you give me a couple of names you are most looking forward to watching this year?  Thanks, Mary B.

Two players instantly come to mind.  Vayante Copeland was a star prior to his 2015 season ending with his neck injury.  He struggled with confidence in 2016, but he still has NFL talent and I want to see that come to fruition.  He is a super young man.  Secondly, I would waste no time saying Dennis Finley.  We all saw his brutal leg injury and he just never got comfortable in 2016.  If he could return to previous performance level he is a star.  No doubt the horrific and brutal injury makes it difficult to get back from, but he is another super young man and has the potential to be a NFL player.  Those two are key cogs for me to watch this spring.


Hondo, it was really interesting to read about Taybor Pepper signing with the Packers.  What are his chances and who even long snaps for MSU now?  Chris E.

Thanks, I am really happy for Taybor.  He does have a really good chance.  Green Bay wanted him badly.  Collin Caflisch is the current long snapper and a very solid one as well.


Hondo, I really like the Dowell brothers.  Both David and Andrew seem like they have a bright future.  Their brother Michael is now a top recruit.  What are your thoughts on us landing him?  Thanks, Matt Marshall

They are both very talented.  Their brother Michael is a hard hitter with a monster game. I think Mark Dantonio does a super job of recruiting siblings.  One of his keys to success is that some coaches talk to players who are legacy or have siblings on their rosters in a way that takes for granted that they will come.  Coach D goes after them with the same fervency and fire.  That has really paid off.  Some players want to play with family and some like the idea of making their own footprint.  While not a lock that he comes to MSU, MSU certainly has a very good shot and they love him.


There you go everyone.  That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article.  Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A.  If you are a premium member to Spartan Nation please make sure you point that out, as those questions get answered first.  Thank you.

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