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Top tier 18 IN TE Anthony Torres returned to Michigan State today and the Spartans rolled out the red carpet. We spoke moments ago.

Top tier 18 IN TE Anthony Torres returned to Michigan State today and the Spartans rolled out the red carpet. We spoke moments ago.

18 IN TE Returned to MSU Today

Spartan Nation has written extensively about Mishawaka, IN TE for the 18 class Anthony Torres.  He returned to the Michigan State campus today.  With Trent Gillison already committed to the Spartans for 2018, it isn’t keeping the Spartans from continuing to recruit Torres.

Spartan Nation caught up with him today as he returned to Indiana from visiting MSU and he told us that Coach Bollman told him, “Even though they have one tight end committed, they are still going to continue to recruit me.”  That tells you how much of a high value target the young man is.

So what stood out to Torres today?  “I really liked being able to watch practice to see what a normal practice is like.  Especially important to me was getting to see the first spring practice and to see the excitement of the team and coaches.”

Torres also got a treat that doesn’t come often.  He got to sit in an actual position meeting and for him that was with Coach Bollman and the tight end group.  “It was really cool and interesting to sit through the meeting with Coach Bollman in action.  Just the fact that I was able to sit in there in that meeting and see what it was like first-hand really impressed me.  You get the impressive of him really coaching the tight ends and his style.  He is very impressive.”

So other than Coach Bollman who else did the young Torres spend time with?  “I got to spend time with Coach Burton and Coach Dantonio as well.”

Torres loves Michigan State, but that doesn’t mean they are his only other option.  Two Big Ten teams have risen to the top of his attention and both are in a good position for the Indiana star. 

Now that P.J. Fleck has made the move to the Twin Cities his Golden Gophers are in excellent position for the young man.  Torres said about Minnesota that, “It was great being up there on a visit and it was really one of more favorite and better visits.  They have so much good stuff with Coach Fleck going on with him and I really like his philosophy and there are good things in story for Minnesota.”

But one team that is not getting as much attention as Minnesota and Michigan State that very well may be in the best spot is the home state Indiana Hoosiers.  Torres has a lot of respect for the new coach and loves the direction of his home state team.

He told me of Indiana that, “I just really like the new coaching staff there and believe they will bringing a lot of energy to the table.  They are a program on the rise and that is exciting.”

While Torres continues down the road to the 2018 signing day, Spartan Nation will keep you updated.

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