2018 Michigan defensive end Henry Janeway talks about his Michigan State visit over the weekend, his interest and more!

2018 Michigan defensive end Henry Janeway talks about his Michigan State visit over the weekend, his interest and more!

“Yesterday I went to the practice and I got a feel for a Big Ten practice, especially an elite program like Michigan State.  It was just a good feeling; how they practice is up-tempo and it was kind of like how I practice at my school.  It just felt like a comfortable situation I can definitely see myself practicing in.”


Those are the views of 2018 defensive end Henry Janeway, coming off his third trip to Michigan State this weekend.  The 6’5”, 205-pound junior from Eisenhower Senior High School in Shelby Township, MI had the opportunity to witness his first Spartan practice in-person.


“I talked to Coach [Mark] Snyder (Linebackers/Special Teams Coach), and I talked to the Linebackers coach [and co-Defensive Coordinator, Mark Tressel],” Janeway told Spartan Nation.  “I really liked what Coach Snyder had to say talking with his defensive ends, and just seemed like an awesome coach to be around.”


In regards to Coach Tressel, Henry explained, “He’s an awesome guy.  He remembered me from the last visit and talked about the amount of camps, and said I looked bigger.”


Both coaches would like to see Janeway camp at MSU this summer, in an effort to see him in multiple positions.


“Yeah, I’m definitely trying to get out to Michigan State to camp,” he admitted.  “I’m looking to try to play defensive end and outside linebacker in camp and see how I compete against some of the best players out there, and see if I can impress these coaches in person rather than film.”


“Coach Tressel did say he could definitely get me doing linebacker and defensive end reps, because that’s in my film, as well, “Henry continued.  “I feel like I could definitely compete at linebacker as well as defensive end at that camp.”


So between the three separate visits to East Lansing, including being able to watch practice this weekend, and his intent to camp at MSU this summer, did this weekend’s trip to Michigan State cement what Henry thinks of the Spartans?


“It did because I got to see how these coaches coach,” Janeway explained.  “I can talk to them, but until I see what a practice is like and how they’re coaching their players…that’s when I get a good feel of, ‘Hey, this school’s a fit for me.’  I definitely liked the coaching staff and I think the school would be a good fit for me.”


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