In need of good news, Mark Dantonio and Michigan State welcome back DT Cassius Peat and we talked with him.

In need of good news, Mark Dantonio and Michigan State welcome back DT Cassius Peat and we talked with him.

Spartan Nation Welcomes Back DT Cassius Peat!

Cassius Peat was one of the most sought after recruits for the 2015 class.  After red shirting in 15, he departed in 2016 after participating in spring practice.  Today he confirmed to Spartan Nation. "It feels great to say that I am back.  What a blessing to say those words." .

The terrific talent of the young man is well documented and his return is some great news for Spartan Football that needs good news.  At 6’3” and 265# the pride of Tempe, Ariz., transferred to Pima Community College in Arizona last season.

He told that, “I watched every gam e on TV.  I am so excited to get back and bring what I learned from Shilique (Calhoun), Lawrence Thomas, Damon Knox and hopefully bring that back to some of the young players as I earn the right to lead.”

It is very rare for a player to leave a school and return, but Peat is a special young man that was greatly missed once he left.  He is the product of an amazing family.   He is expected to compete immediately for playing time should he come to East Lansing in shape. 

I asked him specifically about the shape he expects to be in, “As of the last three months I have been in California training with my brother Andrus Peat who is a starting left tackle for the New Orleans Saints.  We’ve lifting and running and he plays guard and tackle so it is really perfect for me as a defensive tackle and end to work against him.  I expect to be in tip top shape when I arrive in East Lansing.”

So while he was not in East Lansing this past season, he never stopped being a Spartan.  What does it mean to Peat to be a Spartan?

“It means to me every Saturday going out there and laying it out on the line for my coaches and teammates and all the fans that stood by me.  The supporters of the program are special people and I feel like I can make a strong impact as soon as I earn a bigger role.  It is more than just football and I learned that from Shilique. Being a Spartan is more than football.  Shilique had his own autograph table at Meet the Spartans because of the love he had for this program.  I want to lead like that and you have to earn it.”

While Peat is currently in Arizona he is heading back to California to train with his brother soon.  He told Spartan Nation about his time frame for a return to East Lansing, “I am going to be back before camp.”   Peat has three years of eligibility remaining.

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