Mike Drennen II

2020 Ohio running back Mike Drennen II talks about his visit to East Lansing last weekend, his recruiting process so far, and much more!

2020 Ohio running back Mike Drennen II talks about his visit to East Lansing last weekend, his recruiting process so far, and much more!

There’s been an influx of members of the 2020 recruiting class on the Michigan State campus over the last week or so – freshmen in high school, whose recruiting processes have taken off about as early and quickly as they can.  Cameron Martinez and Karamba Kaba both made their first official visits to East Lansing last weekend, but another recruit was making his second visit to MSU.  From Dublin, OH, let’s meet Mike Drennen II.


“It was a great “part 2,” Drennen told Spartan Nation.  “I was down there when they played Michigan and I had a great visit then.  It was pretty fun to watch practice and see how intense it is.”


“First, we toured the football center, and we got to see a lot of the trophies and the academic stuff,” he continued.  “Then we watched a practice, which was very good, very intense.  I actually have a cousin who plays right now [redshirt freshman CB, Austin Andrews], so I kind of felt a part of the family already, so it was pretty good.”


Drennen, hailing from Dublin Coffman High School, is a 5’10”, 175-pound running back who can also play in the slot.  But that doesn’t necessarily explain how he views himself on the field.


“I don’t really classify myself as one position, to be honest,” Mike explained.  “I’m an athlete, so I just play whatever they want me as.”


Drennen already has a formal scholarship offer from Kentucky, along with interest from a handful of other schools from around the country.


“UNC [North Carolina], Auburn, Michigan State, obviously.  I still talk to Kentucky a little bit.  Then I have Miami and Rutgers talking to me a little bit,” Mike said.


On potentially going to Piscataway, NJ and visiting Rutgers, Mike said, “I talked to my dad about a lot of visits, and I think we’ll go up there, too.  They came to my school just to meet me, so I said hi to them.  It was just pretty fun…I had never had anyone come to my school before.”


As for UNC, which Mike has already visited, he explained, “It was very good.  We got to watch a game and they showed me around.  It was pretty fun.”


He also spoke about Auburn, saying that he had not been there yet, but plans on going soon.  “I’ll be there, for sure.”


Getting back to his MSU visit last weekend, Drennen said he had the chance to meet and talk to Co-Defensive Coordinator and Linebackers Coach, Mike Tressel.  “I got to talk to him a little bit and he likes me a lot, so that was something new,” he admitted.


Even though he is still so early in his recruiting process, Mike says he’s trying to enjoy the journey.  But his trip to East Lansing left a mark.


“Since I’ve only seen a few schools so far, they’re [Michigan State] up there for sure,” Drennen said.  “Especially since my cousin goes there, they know me and I know them, so they can teach me a lot of stuff and show me around.”


With three more years of high school football to go, you can bet this will not be the last we hear of Mike Drennen II. 

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