Rising 2018 running back Stevie Scott looks up to Le'veon Bell and plans to visit Michigan State soon

Rising 2018 running back Stevie Scott looks up to Le'veon Bell and plans to visit Michigan State soon.

Michigan State has only extended a handful of offers to running backs in the class of 2018. The board is pretty wide open and many new names will emerge for potential offers. One of those names is Stevie Scott, a 6'1", 230 pound physical running back from Albany, New York. He is currently not rated by Scout but holds offers from nearly a dozen schools including Pittsburg, Minnesota, Duke, Boston College, and others. Stevie hopes that Michigan State joins that list in the near future.




Stevie's junior season allowed him to expand his skillset and accomplish a few of his goals. "It went well! I led my team to regionals, but we we fell short at the state championship though. I accomplished my goals of winning a sectional title and rushing for more than 1600 yards," he said. Stevie also identified a few areas that he can improve. "I need to improve my trucking ability and my moves in general."


His success on the field has led to a lot of activity on recruiting front. "I mean, it's going great, I'm just enjoying the process. I've heard from numerous schools and they like my tape." Stevie's tape displays a wide array of exceptional traits for the running back including breakaway speed, elusiveness, ball carrier vision, and more. Stevie's lack of a rank does not reflect his abilities, and he is determined to prove that. "I have 10 offers thus far but am going to work for many more," Stevie added.


It is no secret Michigan State has a knack for producing high caliber running backs. For starters, Le'veon Bell is arguably the best At his position in the NFL. He reached 6,000 career scrimmage yards in only his 47th regular-season game, tying Eric Dickerson for the second-fewest games in NFL history. Bell also happens to be Stevie's favorite running back, as he models his running style after the All-Pro running back's game. My favorite running back, Le'veon Bell came from there so they obviously produce beasts," Stevie said, speaking of Michigan State's production of running backs.


Signing Day is not for another 11 months, so Stevie has plenty of time to weigh his options and work for other offers, but for him, it is hard not to see the opportunity that would be presented to him at Michigan State. "Yes, I can see myself playing for the Spartans", he said. "It would give me the best chance at making it to the NFL." Additionally he spoke of the relationship he is creating with Spartans. "I hear from their recruiters a lot but not that much from the coaches so far but I'm waiting and hoping for that to happen soon," he described.


Stevie is looking to visit Michigan State in the near future. "Yes, I plan to visit soon. We just have to schedule a date," he explained.


Scout does not yet rank Stevie Scott. Stay tuned to Spartan Nation for all recruiting news and updates.

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