La'Darius Jefferson (Allen Trieu / Scout)

2018 Muskegon, MI quarterback La'Darius Jefferson talks Michigan State, his interest and more!

2018 Muskegon, MI quarterback La'Darius Jefferson talks Michigan State, his interest and more!

Nine offers, with interest from at least five other schools.


That’s what Muskegon High School’s junior quarterback, La’Darius Jefferson, is currently balancing.  He may be under center for Muskegon, but at 6’1”, 213 pounds, he can really be the “jack-of-all-trades” player we refer to as an “athlete,” so don’t box him into one singular position.


“I always consider myself to be an athlete – I’m willing to play anything that any college coach is willing to recruit me at or put me at,” Jefferson told Spartan Nation.  “I just want to come in and help the team win games.  If I play running back, defensive back, quarterback, safety, linebacker – it doesn’t matter.  I just love playing football and love giving my time to the sport and being around great players and making them better and making myself better and the team.”


Although he has nine scholarship offers already on the table, he says the recruiting process has been slow lately, hearing only from some of the schools he’s had an offer from predominantly. 


“Toledo, Ball State, Navy, Air Force, Bowling Green, Western [Michigan],” he explained.  Eastern Michigan, Georgia Southern and Kent State are the other schools that have made him an offer.


Aside from Michigan State, he’s had interest (but no offer yet) from some pretty big schools, as well – Virginia Tech, Nebraska, Iowa State and Central Michigan.


In regards to MSU, La’Darius says he plans to visit East Lansing for Junior Day, and possibly camp there this summer.


“Probably so, because I know after we get out of school that the 7-on-7 is there, so I’d get to show some of my talents, so I probably would,” he said of camping at Michigan State.


It won’t be his first time on campus, but it will be his first time seeing all of it.


“Not just to view the campus, but I’ve practiced there for the playoffs, been there for the 7-on-7,” he explained of whether or not he’s been to MSU.  “I’ve really only been around the football facility.”


Beyond his football skills, La’Darius takes pride in his academics, as well.


“I’m doing real good in the classroom,” he said.  “I came in with a GPA altogether, from 9th grade, of 3.3.  It’s on the rise because last semester I got a 3.7.  Currently right now I have a 3.7 again.  I’m shooting for a 4.0, trying to get my GPA to a 3.5 or a 3.7.  And I’m on track to graduate early to early enroll.”


La’Darius Jefferson is a kid with a world of potential.  Although Michigan State hasn’t made an offer yet, a lot can happen through Junior Day and camps.  Wherever he ends up, Jefferson is a gifted “athlete” that will bring a lot to a program, both on and off the field. 

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