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2018 Indiana running back Johnny Adams talks about his visit to Michigan State last weekend, his interest and offers, and more!

2018 Indiana running back Johnny Adams talks about his visit to Michigan State last weekend, his interest and offers, and more!

Michigan State welcomed multiple recruits from Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis to campus last weekend.  I introduced you to Reese Taylor yesterday…now let’s re-introduce you to 3-star running back Johnny Adams (we’ve already profiled Johnny before here at Spartan Nation).


“I thought the campus was actually pretty nice,” Adams said of his visit to MSU this weekend.  “The coaching staff is all amazing.  My first time going up there was pretty nice.  I got to meet all the coaches, talked to Mark Dantonio.  We went to the basketball game.  I was actually pretty sick, but although I was sick, it was still pretty fun being up there and getting to interact with everybody.”


“I like the way they run practice – I thought it was pretty organized, I liked the music they were playing,” he continued.  “That food court – that was another thing that had me going.  But besides the food court and the practices, everything else was actually pretty good.  I like the jerseys – we got to try them on and take pictures.  We got to talk with the coaches.  It was pretty nice.”


It goes to show you that different recruits look for different things in each school – some are focused mostly on football or predominantly on academics and don’t care about “extra” things…others take an interest in elements like the music at practice, the food court and the jerseys.  Hey, everyone’s different…to each their own!


Regardless of where his focus on recruiting visits is, on the field, he’s the focus of many opposing defenses.  The 5’11”, 185-pound running back certainly isn’t the biggest guy on the field, but he brings power to the backfield.  He has an incredibly low pad level – he’s a one-cut guy and gone.  And by gone, I mean this kid’s quick…he runs a 4.43 40-yard dash!


When he saw the Michigan State practice, he couldn’t help but get excited when he saw the offensive lineman, who are all tall, strong guys…the thought of running behind them was incredible for Johnny.


“Yes!  No one will find me!”


Maybe on the field they won’t find him, but in the recruiting game, he’s completely visible.  Six schools have already made Adams a scholarship offer – Syracuse, Western Michigan, Toledo, Central Michigan, Bowling Green and Ball State.


He’s also heard from multiple Big Ten schools, aside from Michigan State – Iowa, Northwestern, Illinois, Indiana and Purdue.  Also included in the group of schools he’s been hearing from is Louisville from the ACC.


So what is it that these schools are noticing about Adams?  Is it great coaching or is it just some incredible God-given talent?


“I think it was a little bit of both,” Johnny admitted.  “The coaches that have coached me during my lifetime playing football have always told me to stay low, stay square, and just run through anybody that comes in my way.  And then, also, I thank God for the abilities he’s blessed me with.  So it’s a little bit of both.”


Let’s touch on a couple of those Big Ten schools he’s heard from.


First on Indiana, Johnny said, “I think Indiana’s a great school.  I’ve been up there a couple of times actually.  The coaching staff and the facility is all amazing, the basketball games are lit, the practices are amazing.  I went up there for the homecoming game when they played Nebraska and that was a really fun time.  I like all the coaches, as I do at Michigan State.  The Running Backs coach, Coach [Deland] McCullough – that’s my guy; he gave me a lot of pointers when I went up there last time, and I think he’s an all-around great coach, as the rest of them are.”


The other two schools he spoke about, Iowa and Purdue, he has not visited yet.  He said he has plans to visit the Hawkeyes sometime in March, and likes the players and coaches there.


In regards to the Boilermakers, Adams explained, “I haven’t been to Purdue yet.  I’ve met with the coaches, and they’re actually a pretty cool staff – they have a new coaching staff on board.  But I plan to go up there pretty soon, and I’d like to get to know everybody.”


“They’re gonna be a great program, on the way up,” he continued.  “When I was talking to one of the coaches, they told me and my buddy that, if we were to come up there, they think that we would be a great bunch of kids to play for them, we’ll be the players to help get the program back on top.  And also, their track program is pretty nice, too.”


He’s also met with some of the Spartans coaches, as well, when they went to Ben Davis High School to visit Johnny.  Adams also plans to make another trip to East Lansing in the near future.


Lastly, let’s circle back to something I mentioned at the very top of this story…the fact that another recruit from the same school as Johnny was on campus this weekend also, and that’s Reese Taylor.  The timing of them both being at MSU at the same time makes you wonder what it would be like if they played together in high school and then continued to do so in college.


“I would love it,” Johnny admitted.  “I’ve been playing with Reese since I was a little kid – since Kindergarten – so it’d be pretty great to get to play with him in college too.”


“It would be special,” he continued.  “I mean, we’re gonna go our different ways eventually in life, but if we went to the same college and played together, that’d be pretty fun – have one of my boys to stay with and grind out the season with.”


The bigger picture there is that Ben Davis High School is producing some skilled football players, and Johnny Adams is one of them.  Even without an offer from Michigan State, the Spartans are on Johnny’s radar, and vice versa.  He got a taste of wearing the Michigan State green and white jersey over the weekend…perhaps he’ll have one of his own in the not-so-distant future.

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