Dejmi Dumervil (Photo by Corey Bender)

2018 Florida offensive guard Dejmi Dumervil Jean talks MSU, his interest, and more!

2018 Florida offensive guard Dejmi Dumervil Jean talks MSU, his interest, and more!

Michigan State has made an offer to a 3-star offensive guard recruit from the Class of 2018 out of Fort Lauderdale, FL.  He stands at 6’4.5” and 367 pounds.  He’s balancing 10 scholarship offers, including the one he has from MSU, but labels the Spartans, Louisville Cardinals and South Carolina Gamecocks as his “Top 3” choices.  Let’s meet Dejmi Dumervil Jean.


“What I enjoy the most is the work that I put in and the rewards that I receive at the end, aside from winning games and getting offers,” Dumervil Jean said of what he likes most about the recruiting process. 


Aside from MSU, Louisville and South Carolina, Dejmi, who attends St. Thomas Aquinas High School, also has offers from Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi State, Rutgers, UCF and East Carolina. 


But let’s focus in on the three schools he noted as his “Top 3.”


First up is Louisville, a school in which he has a very special connection to.


“Louisville is one of my favorite schools since I was a young boy,” he explained.  My uncle went there and I always used to watch his old films.  I’d sometimes just study the school.  I just really like them.”


Go back and take a look at Dejmi’s last name…


Now can you figure out who his uncle is?


Yes, that’s right…Dejmi’s uncle is none other than 10-year NFL veteran Elvis Dumervil.  He was drafted in the 4th round of the 2006 NFL draft by the Denver Broncos.  He played for both the Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens during his decade in the league, and was named to five Pro Bowls and four 1st-Team All NFL teams.


In terms of whether or not Dejmi could stop his uncle…”I’ve tried, but never succeeded,” he joked. 


So football is in Dejmi Dumervil Jean’s blood.


As for his thoughts on South Carolina, Dejmi takes an interesting perspective. 


“What really stands out to me is the location and the formations they run,” Dejmi said of the Gamecocks.  “It’s one of the great schools to study sport science, which is something that I want to study in college.”


Dumervil Jean actually admitted that he used to pretend to be a doctor when he was little and “pretend help” people (as he said it), so sport science is something he’s been interested in for a very long time.  Academics, as a whole, are very important to him, though.


“When I was in middle school, I wasn’t really focused on them [academics], so people kept telling me that, if I don’t focus up, all the hard work that I’m putting in isn’t going to mean anything.  So that got my attention that I need to focus more on academics.”


Finally let’s get to the Spartans. 


Dejmi said, “Michigan State is a school that probably has everything.”  It’s hard to top a comment like that.


In terms of whether or not he’s been to East Lansing yet, he admitted, “No, but I plan to take a visit later in the season.  Most likely during the summer; if not, then it’s going to be one of my official visits during the season.”  He did assure that he would use one of his five official visits at Michigan State.


Dejmi said he’s mostly been in contact with Linebackers and Special Teams Coach, Mark Snyder.  “Every time he visits the school [St. Thomas Aquinas], he and I always have a good talk.”


With 10 offers in hand, and a distinct “Top 3,” it seems as if Dejmi Dumervil Jean has an idea of where he’d like his recruiting to go.  But that doesn’t mean he’s going to rush his decision.


“It’s probably something that’s going to go into my senior year,” he admitted.

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