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2017 Michigan State commit, Noah Harvey, will now be on full scholarship after having his "grey shirt" title removed last week!

2017 Michigan State commit, Noah Harvey, will now be on full scholarship after having his "grey shirt" title removed last week!

Noah Harvey was already a 2017 Spartan commit.  The outside linebacker from Hartland, WI was already planning on a college career in green and white.  But here’s the catch – that career wasn’t going to be able to start until the second semester of his freshman year. 


Why?  Noah Harvey was originally a “Grey Shirt” – similar to a red shirt freshman, a grey shirt is an incoming freshman that postpones enrollment in classes (and the start of his scholarship) until the winter semester of his freshman year.  But all of that changed a little over a week ago when Harvey received a call from Head Coach Mark Dantonio.  The call was to let Noah know that his grey shirt title had been removed, and he’d be on full scholarship beginning in the fall.


“It’s exciting.  It caught me off-guard…I had no idea it was coming,” Harvey told Spartan Nation.  “My whole family is excited and I’m excited to get on campus.”


Noah said that this happened on Friday, March 3rd.


“I was on my way home from my buddy’s house and [Mark] Dantonio gave me a call and said he’s sending the files for me to sign, so I got excited about that,” he recalled.  “And then I called [Brad] Salem (QB’s Coach/Recruiting Coordinator), and he was all pumped about that.”


In college athletics, players experience the recruiting process in several layers.  To be recruited at all is the top layer.  To get a scholarship offer, of any kind, is the next layer.  To get a full scholarship is the third layer.  And although it might not seem like much, the last layer is getting a scholarship that begins with the fall semester.  It may sound strange, but Harvey has an explanation of why it means so much to him.


“It kind of felt like I’ve really made it,” he said.  “My goal was always to play at a Big Ten school.  That grey shirt – I was honored to have it and I was so excited, but getting that full scholarship was the cherry on top.  It really just made me feel like I really made it.”


In terms of getting on the field in East Lansing, Harvey said the coaches haven’t given him much information yet, other than giving him a workout and conditioning sheet.


“There’s diet plans on there if you want to gain weight, lose weight or maintain it, there’s conditioning on it, and then there’s a workout set, like squat and bench.  It has descriptions of every workout, so it’s the real deal.  I enjoy doing it,” he explained.


However, Noah did say that he plans to talk to Co-Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach, Mike Tressel, when he gets to campus for spring ball about any specific things he’d like him to do.


One particular area Harvey would like to change a little about himself before he gets to campus is his weight.  He says he was once 230 pounds, but he lost 10 and is now at 220 pounds.  Ideally, Noah claims he wants to be back at 230 pounds when he gets to Michigan State, joking that his diet will mostly consist of “P, B & J’s right before bed and protein shakes.”


But from a playing standpoint, Noah brings a unique element to the field – he listens and pays attention.  He’s a tactician of the game.  There may be bigger, faster and stronger players, but few will have the sound techniques that Noah Harvey does.  He utilizes two of the most important muscles in the body on the football field – the heart and the brain.


“I do what’s told,” Harvey said.  “I do what coaches tell me to do and I do what mentors tell me to do.”


Harvey is excited about being a Spartan, even more so now that his time in green and white begins with fall semester.  But in signing with MSU, the kid from Arrowhead High School in Hartland, WI did not choose a different Big Ten school - his “hometown” Wisconsin Badgers.


“I’ve had people say they want me to be a Badger, but they’re pretty much by my side with where I want to go with my decision,” Noah admitted.  “There’s a lot of people that have been supportive of me and I’m appreciative of that.  I’ve had good responses in my hometown…nothing negative.”


When you look at Noah Harvey, you’re seeing someone live out his dream in real time.  He was just happy with knowing he’d be at Michigan State at all…now he gets to do it from the start.  Grey shirt, red shirt, “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”…it doesn’t matter.  Noah Harvey is a Spartan, and he’s bringing his talents to East Lansing even sooner than expected!

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