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2019 Ohio defensive tackle, Jeremiah Burton, talks about his visit to Michigan State, his interest, and more!

2019 Ohio defensive tackle, Jeremiah Burton, talks about his visit to Michigan State, his interest, and more!

There were three members of the recruiting class of 2019 from Ohio on the MSU campus this weekend.  We already re-introduced you to CJ Kiss, the tight end from Ganhanna, OH.  Now it’s time to meet a 6’2”, 285-pound defensive tackle from Westerville, OH.  He received his first offer from Kent State earlier this week, and he has interest from Michigan State, Ohio University, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.  Introducing Jeremiah Burton.


“It was great,” Burton told Spartan Nation of his visit to East Lansing.  “I like the campus, the coaches are really interactive – the staff in general is very upbeat and they’re nice to everybody.  But the experience was fun.  I liked it up there.  The way they play is outstanding and you can tell they’re a really cool team.”


Jeremiah, who was on-campus for the first time Saturday, says that Michigan State wasn’t really on his radar until the recruiting process began, even though he grew up in “Big Ten country.”


“They’re kinda new.  I heard about Coach [Ron] Burton (Defensive Line Coach) sometime earlier this year and I like how he coaches, so I would not mind going there and being able to be coached by him, he explained.”


But his first trip to East Lansing made an impact on him.


“It was beautiful.  Even though I didn’t get to see the whole campus, I got to see the academic center where the players go to meet their tutors, and I thought it was really cool.  I think it’s a pretty cool campus,” he said.


Despite still being early in his recruiting process, Burton already has some specific things he’s looking for on a visit to a campus.


“I look at what the coaches do and how the players react to different stuff,” he explained.  “I look at what the coach is teaching.  For me, being a defensive lineman, I look at what the coaches teach about hand placement or get-off or stance.”


Those happen to be elements of his game that Jeremiah believes he does well, but he’s also aware of some areas that need improvement.


“Some things that I’m good at and are my strengths on the field are my get-off, my hand placement, my upper body strength and my agility,” he admitted.  “Some things I have to work on are my lower body strength, my awareness…just trying to change direction and noticing different pass protections and run protections.”


But beyond his skills between the white lines, academics are also extremely important to Jeremiah Burton.


“Oh yes, completely!  I’m a 3.0 student.  I find academics very important because everybody tells me that football has to end at some point, so you have to have that academic standpoint later down the road to help you carry on,” Jeremiah said.  He even already knows he’d like to major in sports management.


Burton says he really hasn’t had much time to think about when he’d like to make a decision, but optimally he’d like to make it following his junior year and right around the start of his senior year.  But for now, he’s just trying to take in the whole process.


“For me personally, I think it’s more enjoyable,” Jeremiah admitted.  “I’m new to it – I haven’t really had a whole lot of people talking to me, so it’s kind of like a waiting game, but I’m just taking care of my business.  I’m staying calm throughout the process.”

Jeremiah is a high-character kid - he’s well-spoken, polite, and is the kind of person that would bring much more to a program than just talent on the football field.  This will not be the last we hear about Jeremiah Burton.

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