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2018 Wisconsin running back Henry Geil is eyeing an offer from Michigan State

2018 Wisconsin running back Henry Geil is eyeing an offer from Michigan State

Earlier this month, Spartan Nation described the evaluation of running backs for potential offers. Another name, Henry Geil has emerged as a possibility for an offer. The 6’, 206 pound running back from Green Bay, Wisconsin has holds half a dozen offers thus far, including a few Big Ten  schools, but is hoping for one in particular; a Michigan State (MSU) offer.


Henry has visited Michigan State just once, but already knew it felt like home. “I got a generic campus tour from a guide when I was here at the summer camp, but my impression of it has always been that it's a comfortable campus,” he said. Even though Henry’s visit to East Lansing happened over the summer, the weather was miserable but that did not sway him away from the comfortability that he found. “If I can enjoy a 3 minute walk from my car with in Saturday's terrible weather like I did at MSU, it says something about the campus,” Henry added.

Bad weather aside, Henry learned a lot about the Spartan Football Program while on campus. “What stood out to me was the way the players are so welcome. I met Madre and he introduced me to the rest of the [running] backs. They all were open with me and you could tell they meant what they said.” 

Since his unofficial visit over the summer, Henry has created a great relationship with the Spartan Coaching Staff. “I speak with Coach Salem and Coach Warner mostly, and they don't really talk football, they talk about being personable. That is something I value.” Growing up, Henry watched former All-American Spartan running back, and a Spartan recruiting coach, on Michigan State, now Henry speaks with Ringer all the time. “I also talk with Javon Ringer quite a bit and have a really good relationship with him,” said  Henry.

Henry is generally considered a strong running back with a great complement of burst and breakaway speed. On what area of the Spartans’ rushing attack he could contribute, he said,  “I can heighten the ability to finish. I can finish long runs and put games out of reach.” 

Receiving a scholarship offer from the Spartans would be an extreme honor for the three-star running back. “It would mean a lot. Not just because of the reputation that the Spartans have, but the fact that they see me as a person who can thrive with such high character guys. It would be amazing to be given the chance to be around such unique people,” Henry explained.

Now, Henry is aiming to return East Lansing as soon as his schedule permits. He is aiming to visit for either the Spring Game on April 1st, or a spring practice later in April. Henry is hoping to see a few new aspects of the program at his next visit. “I'd like to see how the running backs analyze film. Whether or not that's possible, I don't know,” said Henry, “but th     ey have a good perspective on what to look for, and I'd love to learn from them.

Scout rates Henry Geil a three-star running back. Although Henry possesses many desirable traits on the football field, what stands out the most is his humbleness. Michigan State only recruits athletes who the coaches believe will leave in impact on not only the football field, but outside of it as well, and Henry perfectly fits the mold.

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