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Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

Hondo, great year for Spartan basketball. I'm already looking forward to seeing how this team shakes out for next fall. In the meantime, I've probably missed good intel on the subject of Carter and Schilling. Are one or both slated to come back for next season or is that still to be determined?  Mark Trimper from Charlevoix

Gavin Schilling will be back for sure, and they are going to apply for a 6th year medical waiver for Ben Carter and they are optimistic.  That is why when you add Xavier Tillman next season Tom Izzo declares, “We are going to beat the hell out of some people next year with all of those big fouls to give.”

Now just to show you people what I have to deal with as the Spartan Nation waits for Miles Bridges to make his choice of staying or going.  Fans are waiting like they wait in St. Peter’s Square in Rome watching for a plume of white or black smoke signaling a new Pope.

Hondo, I am told by a friend who is close to Miles Bridge’s girlfriend’s mom that the decision has been made.  He is going to stay.  Book it, I called it.  Ryan

Hondo, I am hearing from my family in Saginaw that Miles is coming back for sure.  Carson D.


Hondo, I heard that Miles has hired an agent.  I guess he gone.  Tym May


Hondo, I can tell you that Miles isn’t leaving and that he is staying.  He wants the degree and his choice is made.  He has to improve his defense and he knows it.  Kelly Jackson.


So while I am sure all of you are nice people, none of you have a clue.  Miles doesn’t know yet.  They started really looking late this week and will look harder next.  He has an amazing family of wonderful people and they will make the best choice for Miles.  Whatever decision he makes I 100% support him.  He is one of the finest human beings I have ever covered.


Hondo, with all the guessing going around, can you just tell me if you had to make a guess what do you think Miles will do?  Thank you.  Greg Thrasher

If I had to guess and it is 100% a guess, I think he will go.  Izzo will encourage him to leave BUT I will not be shocked at all if he returns.  There are more positive signs that he will stay, but again if I had to guess he will go.  That is ONLY a guess and NOT reported fact.


Hondo, what is your best guess or insider thought on MSU landing Greg Elliott for 2017?  Kent Glukey

I don’t think they will.  He wanted that MSU offer badly, but the longer it goes the less I expect it.  In fact, at this point I do not expect it.  Based on how and who they are recruiting now, I do not think that they are expecting it either.


Hondo, what are your thoughts about us landing Brandon McCoy for this class?  Keep up the great work and I love Spartan Nation on Scout now.  Tim Grenier

I do not think that he is coming to MSU based on what I am hearing but I do not in any way think the Spartans are out.  They are still going after him and I know they would like another in home visit with his mom in Chicago, but I am not expecting him to commit. 

Hondo, can you give me your assessment and analysis on Brian Bowen picking Izzo and MSU?  Kurt Gorman

I think MSU has a better chance at getting McCoy than Bowen, but like Bowen, I do not think he will pick the Spartans.  Again, I do not think MSU is out of it, but I do not think he is coming to East Lansing. 

Hondo, I was told that Bowen is waiting on Miles to make his decision because they are best friends?  Thanks Chris Spencer

I do not think Brian Bowen is waiting on Miles at all.  While they certainly get along, I would not in any way characterize them as best friends and I don’t think they would either.  I am not implying they dislike each other because they don’t, I just would not in any way call them best friends.


Hondo, Izzo is going after Blake Harris and Mark Smith to wind out 2017.  Can you give me your thoughts on both and maybe how you see our chances?  I was told that Izzo told them he could only take one so whoever wants it first can have it.  Thank you.  Pat Emmerson

I think MSU has a good shot with both.  In my humble opinion, it is way too early to make a pick yet as to how they are leaning, but they are very much in on both and both are exceptional players.  Both are going to visit East Lansing soon and I really like both of them and Izzo would take them both if they chose Michigan State. 

Hondo, how is recruiting looking in 2018 and 2019?  Just would like your general thoughts.  Thank you.  Craig V.

MSU recruiting in 2018 looks super.  Foster Loyer is an absolute star at PG for 18.  Thomas Kithier is a lot like Ben Carter who you didn’t see this year but will hopefully be a great addition in 18.  The Spartans are very much in on the best player in the state of Michigan for 18 in Brandon Johns a SF from East Lansing.  Finally in 18, Michigan State is in very well with the best player in the nation in Joey Hauser from Wisconsin.  He is a pure stud and an absolute great player that can do it all.

For 2019 they are in a great spot to land the #1 player for 2019 in the United States in Keion Brooks, Jr. and almost certainly the best player in Michigan with Romeo Weems.  Weems is an underrated star with a big upside that is so athletic and has a love and devotion to the game.  Still raw, but has a super work ethic to improve and loves to play defense.

Hondo, I am not hearing anything else about PG Tyger Campbell.  What is going on?  Thank you.  C. Herring

The Spartans are very loaded right now.  I would say that it is very fair to say that Tyger is not a priority right now and while with recruiting anything can change, for right now they are not in hot pursuit to quote the famous Roscoe P. Coltrain.


Hondo can you give me a name on next years team I need to know that you don't think Spartan fans are expecting much from?  Gill S.

Jaren Jackson is a star freshman and a McDonalds All American, but with the waiting on Miles and the anticipation of Gavin and Ben, I don't think Spartan fans have yet grasped how good he really is.

There you go everyone.  Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books.  Make sure to send in your questions for next week.  Simply email them to and put weekly Q and A Basketball in the subject line.

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