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2018 Ohio 3-star ILB recruit, Edward Warinner, talks about his MSU interest, his father's coaching legacy, and much more!

2018 Ohio 3-star ILB recruit, Edward Warinner, talks about his MSU interest, his father's coaching legacy, and much more!

The next recruit from the Class of 2018 is someone that we already introduced you to earlier in the year.  He has some Michigan State green and white running through his veins - his dad, Ed, was the Linebackers and Secondary Coach at MSU from 1985-1986.  While coaching in East Lansing, his dad met his mom, Mary Beth, who attended Michigan State.  Although his dad has had many other stops on his coaching journey, including Ohio State and currently Minnesota, the Spartans have always been special to this young man and his family.  From Powell, OH, let’s reintroduce Edward Warinner.


“I will say that my mom does have a little bias for MSU, but if you really want to know the truth, my dad doesn’t push Minnesota very hard to me,” Warinner told Spartan Nation of whether or not his mom is trying to sway his decision towards the Spartans, even though his dad is currently on the coaching staff of the Golden Gophers.  “Our family understands that I’m going to go to whatever school I want to go to and whichever is best for me.  Only going to a school because my dad works there would be a stupid bet because, in my lifetime, he’s only coached somewhere for five years once (Ohio State), so that really has no impact on my decision at all, and I wouldn’t even really consider Minnesota to be one of my top choices.”


As a matter of fact, according to Edward, he currently has five “top choices” - three he has offers from (Rutgers, Cincinnati and West Virginia) and two he only has interest from as of right now (Michigan State and Iowa).


Overall though, he has 13 scholarship offers – Rutgers, Cincinnati, West Virginia, UCF, Ohio, Toledo, Army Air Force, Central Michigan, Buffalo, Ball State, Bowling Green and Colorado State.  He’s also drawn interest from five other schools – MSU, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, and his dad’s current employer, Minnesota.


As Edward mentioned before, just because his father, Ed, works at a particular school, doesn’t mean it’s a place he wants to attend.  Luckily, his dad has made this process solely about his son.


“My dad’s the most important person in my life, besides my mom,” Edward admitted.  “The relationship I have with my dad is as tight as it can get.  I can’t thank him enough for everything – for the life I live and everything that’s been provided for me.  I’m going to be an early enrollee, so I decided I’m going to stay in Ohio, so it sucks because he’s been in Minnesota since January and my mom, sister and I are staying in Ohio until I graduate.  That’s probably the worst thing right now, but other than that, my dad and I are as tightly-knit as you could possibly be.”


He went on to explain that this “separation” has happened before in his family when his dad went from coaching at Kansas to Notre Dame.  “It comes with the business,” Edward stated.


However, Edward and Ed were able to spend some time together two weeks ago when they made a recruiting trip to see West Virginia (Minnesota was on spring break, so Ed was able to make the trip with his son).  “I really liked West Virginia – they’re right up there,” Edward said.


As for the Spartans, he admitted that getting an offer from Michigan State wouldn’t change what he thought about them.  Part of the reason he feels that way is because MSU has stood by him through a difficult last few months.


“I’m in a really good spot with Michigan State.  I got some good news this past week from Coach [Mike] Tressel.  I got hurt this year – eight games in, I tore my ACL, so that’s kind of slowed down my recruiting process a little bit.  For example, a lot of schools are coming in May to watch me work out at school because they all tell me, ‘You’re not a camp guy…we just want to make sure you’re healthy.’  But MSU’s stayed in contact with me and made me feel like a priority through it all.”


Of course, inquiring minds want to know…what was that good news Mike Tressel gave him?


“That I’m in a good spot on the board, that anytime I can visit, they want me to, and that I’m going to be one of the first guys, if not the first guy, they’re going to come look at when the recruiting period opens again,” he said.


Yeah, I’d say that counts as “good news.”


However, despite being in a select group of schools that he is highly interested in, Edward does not consider Michigan State to be in his “top 3” just yet (he says those schools are Rutgers, Cincinnati and West Virginia).  When asked if there’s anything Michigan State could do to get into the top 3, he admitted, “I think more has to go into recruiting and committing somewhere than just the football aspect of it.  I have to go somewhere that I’ll love to go, even if I didn’t play football – I want to get a good education.  Other than that, really nothing – MSU’s always going to be up at the top.”


 Hopefully by now, you’ve gotten a pretty good idea of why Edward Warinner is in such high demand.  This kid is wise and mature beyond his years.  He’s humble and respectful.  Not to mention, he’s also a pretty stellar football player.


Warinner is a 3-star recruit.  He’s the 26th-ranked inside linebacker from the Class of 2018, the 5th-ranked ILB in the Midwest, and the 3rd-ranked ILB in Ohio.  Despite being sidelined with a bad injury, it’s never derailed him.


“As a recruit, tearing your ACL eight games into your junior year sucked,” Edward admitted.  “But I was Second Team All-State, I was junior captain, I was First Team All-District.  I had a really good season and then I had to miss the playoffs, so that sucked.  I did my surgery at Ohio State and my rehab is going awesome and I’m ahead and all set to be cleared [will be cleared for May 1st].  With the new surgery, I honestly feel like I’m in better shape because I’ve had to work out so much.”

You just have this gut feeling that, no matter where Edward Warinner ends up playing college football, he will be so much more than just an athlete.  He’s in high demand, he has a list of top schools, and luckily for Michigan State, the Spartans are on it.  Who knows…maybe within a few months we’ll know whether or not Edward will mark another generation of Warinner to call East Lansing home.

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