Answering Your Michigan State Olympic Sports Emails and Questions…

Answering Your Michigan State Olympic Sports Emails and Questions…

Answering Your Michigan State Olympic Sports Emails and Questions…

Hondo, who do you think are a couple of names MSU is looking at for the new hockey coach and who do you think will get it?  Kyle F.

Danton Cole and George Gwozdecky are two names close to the top.  I know that there are some others, but AD Mark Hollis went outside the box and took a beating for it with Tom Anastos.  He won’t go outside the box again.  That is NOT a slam on Tom, it is the reality.  He doesn’t have to go outside the box on this one.


Hondo, is there any chance that Kelly Miller gets the head coaching job of MSU hockey now?  He should have got it last time.  Dan Blanchard

No.  That is not an attack on Kelly who I like and admire.  You asked if that was a reality and it isn't.


Hondo, do you have any idea when they plan to name the next hockey coach?  Thanks Matt Jackson

Matt according to people in the administration they would like to do it this week after the Final Four.  I would guess sometime between Wednesday and Friday.


Hondo, I distinctly remember and correct me if I am wrong, listening to your radio show back in 2010.  You and your producer Joe did a show from Jenison Fieldhouse.  On that show you defended softball coach Jacquie Joseph when she was on with you because the facilities were so terrible.  I thought that was reasonable, but I distinctly remember you saying she deserved a full recruiting cycle with the new Secchia Complex in order to show what she could do.  I remember it because you said that and she agreed.  She said that if she didn’t win now there was no excuse.  So why was Anastos fired, and I think he should be, but she is still employed.  I guess they don’t care about women’s softball.  Hollis should be ashamed.  Charles

You are correct, that did happen and that was my response and hers about a four year recruiting cycle.  Let’s look at what she has done by the numbers since moving into Secchia Stadium in 2011.


2011 6-14 Big Ten Record 9th place in the conference

2012 0-23 Big Ten Record 12th place in the conference

2013 9-10 Big Ten Record 7th place in the conference

2014 4-19 Big Ten Record and 12th in the conference

2015 4-19 Big Ten Record and 14th in the conference

2016 8-15 Big Ten Record and 10th in the conference

2017 3-3 so far Big Ten record

34-103 in Big Ten play since moving into Secchia Stadium with a 31% winning percentage. 


You can talk about the absence of developing pitchers and you may be right, but that is on her.  She recruits for her team.  You can talk about the alleged scandal, but all you have to do is keep it on winning and losing.  In her own words she shouldn’t be the coach.  It is an embarrassment that you fire Anastos and she hasn’t been fired.  I am not making an argument for or against either, that SHOULD BE the Athletic Director’s call.  But if it is good for one it must be for the other.


I was told by a predecessor of Mark Hollis who wanted for remove Joseph that he was kept from doing that by people above him.  You can read into that any way you want; I am only repeating what he told me. 


While Mark Hollis hasn’t told me this, I have reason to believe that she is still the coach today because of people above him.  Again that IS NOT from Mark.  I would not expect Hollis to admit that publicly, but it is 100% what I believe.


If we want women’s sports to have the same treatment of men (and I am fine with that) there is no reason, when you take into account what the coach said on my show, that she is still in charge. 


I can tell you that I like her.  I think she is a sweet person and a great mother. I genuinely really do like her.  But this isn’t about liking or hating; it is about reality and the reality is that Michigan State softball is terrible. 


I know alums who have personally told me they won’t send their daughters to play here and I have had coaches tell me they won’t send their girls here.  I do not claim to be an expert on softball so in fairness to Jacquie I have a very close friend who has a daughter that is an elite softball player in the State of Texas and he is her coach.  His daughter is being recruited by multiple Big 12 schools and others and she very much likes Jacquie and MSU.  I don’t know, but the record and what Coach told me doesn’t lie. 



There you go everyone.  That is your MSU Olympic sports Q/A for the week.  Remember that if you want to ask a question email me at and put in the subject line Olympic Q/A

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