Michigan State & Tom Izzo Target 18 WI 5* Joey Hauser is not only a great player, but a super kid. Meet his father Dave.

Michigan State & Tom Izzo Target 18 WI 5* Joey Hauser is the best player in the country for 18, but more impressive he is a super kid. Meet his father Dave!

Tom Izzo has targeted the #1 player in the nation for the 2018 class in Stevens Point, WI PF Joey Hauser.  Spartan Nation traveled there earlier this week to interview this great basketball player and super young man.  YOU CAN WATCH THAT RIGHT HERE.

Hauser's game has been aided by the best high school coach in the state with Coach Scott Anderson.  Under Anderson's tutelage Hauser has developed a skill set far beyond his years  and the young star fulfills one of Tom Izzo's mantras for success:  "When your best players are your hardest workers, great things can happen."  YOU CAN WATCH OUR INTERVIEW ITH COACH ANDERSON HERE.

But perhaps the most incredible thing about young Hauser has nothing to do with basketball.  While widely praised as a five star player, he is more importantly a five star young man.  A dedicated student and a super person we sat down with his terrific father Dave, to try to dig in to what makes this young man so special and hear just what he and his amazing wife Stephanie have done raising the young man.


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