With the potential to be a highly-recruited 2019 athlete, John Branham Jr. appreciates Michigan State coaches and spoke of his visit!

With the potential to be a highly-recruited 2019 recruit, John Branham Jr. appreciates Michigan State coaches and spoke of his visit!

It has been a week since Michigan State (MSU) held their annual Spring Game, but for one recruit, his experience at the event is still on his mind. John Branham Jr. is a sophomore running back from Columbus, Ohio. He currently holds one offer from the University of Miami, but that number should expand soon. John as visited East Lansing several times before, but his most recent visit expanded his comfortability and interest in the school even more.


The Branham family has become very familiar with the drive from Columbus to East Lansing. This past weekend served as another opportunity to enjoy a visit to MSU. “I had a blast! The Coaches treated my brother and I very well,” he told Spartan Nation. One aspect of his time in East Lansing that stood out to the 5’10” 220 pound running back was knowing he could provide a use for the Spartans’ offense during the Spring Game. “They like tall running backs that can break long runs or make big plays. [Madre] London broke a big run, but I can also bring that to the offense,” John said.


One of John’s favorite running backs growing up was Javon Ringer, an All-American running back for the Spartans from 2005-2008. In many ways, John resembles Ringer, who now is recruiting him to be a Spartan. Both come from Ohio, and John’s build and his strong but quick rushing ability resembles that of Ringer’s while he was a Spartan. “You always need speed and quickness with the ball in yours hand,” said John, “Coach Ringer told me that I am bigger and faster then he was at this age.”

Every successful recruitment requires great relationships with coaches from schools that a recruit is considering. John is hearing from many different schools, but his relationship with the coaches at MSU stand out, early on. “Michigan State’s staff is grade A,” he commented. John appreciate coaching staffs that are down to Earth, as opposed to those who only promise an end goal of the NFL. “At MSU, the first thing they talked to me about was character and graduation. At Ohio State it was the NFL. That is what separates Coach Mark Dantonio. He is a very honest man. When he talks I can tell he is being honest,” he added.

Overall, John has came away from his visits to Michigan State very impressed. He spoke once more of his impression of the coaches, “MSU’s is awesome!”

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