Jalen Graham

Michigan State has their eyes on 19 MI ATH Jalen Graham and the versatile playmaker has watched them since a young age!

Michigan State has their eyes on 19 MI ATH Jalen Graham and the versatile playmaker has watched them since a young age!

19 MI ATH Jalen Graham Talks MSU!

Jalen Graham is the type of football player that loves playing so much, he’s willing to play whatever position needed.  “I just like to be on the field where ever I can to help the team win,” Graham told Spartan Nation.

The 6-foot-2 and 185 pounds Swiss Army Knife of a player predominately played wide receiver, safety and quarterback when he attended Detroit Country Day High School, but plans to play mostly wide out and safety now that he is attending Cass Technical High School. He also plans to do what he does best; make game changing plays.

“I make plays on the field no matter what position,” Graham told Spartan Nation. “I can make a play to change the game.”

Since Graham plays so many positions, it is no wonder that he wishes to improve on his overall technique at each position. Learning the ins and outs of each position is difficult when you move around the field as much as Graham does.

So far, Graham has talked to Michigan State, Wisconsin and Syracuse as potential fits for him at the next level.

According to Graham, he has always been interested in the Spartans from a young age. He likes how they have gone from the underdog team in the state to becoming one of the best programs.

“Growing up in the state of Michigan, they always seemed liked an underdog team because everyone picks University of Michigan,” Graham told Spartan Nation. “Michigan State always fights hard, competes and has been winning.”

Graham has already visited East Lansing, back when the Michigan State took on said rival in men’s basketball. He enjoyed his time seeing the facilities and especially the player lounge.

He has gotten the chance to meet and talk with wide receiver coach Terrence Samuel and said he enjoyed Samuel’s energetic personality and willingness to help players improve.

Graham’s family has been a major influence in his life on and off the field. His parents have been very involved in his football career. His father has attended every practice to cheer him on and has worked with him to try and improve while his mother has always served as a team mom to help in whatever way she can.

Graham credits his older brother as a reason he got into football. Since Graham always looked up to him, he became interested in the sport when he saw his older brother play. His little brother also shows his support by attending every practice he can.

His parents also push him to get the best possible grades he can. Their philosophy is that if he get good grades, not only will he be successful in school, but he might have more opportunities to play at the next level.

“They always told me that grades are first,” Graham told Spartan Nation. “That way, if I keep them up there will be more options.”

Spartan Nation will keep our eyes on this burgeoning 2019 star and you should too!  Check out his highlights:


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