Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…


Hondo, do you anticipate charges will be filed against all of the suspended players and the suspended coach in the sexual assault and when would you expect them?  I saw one MSU beat reporter said they would be filed two weeks ago.  Thanks, Kevin Vance

I do not anticipate against all four, but I do expect them.  I did not see any MSU beat reporter make that statement and I follow and am friends with them.  I can’t report on some wild internet claims, but I can tell you I expect charges within the next three weeks.


I heard that there were issues with players not always displaying appropriate respect for staff.  Have these issues been resolved?  Rick Emerson

That is correct, sadly over the last three years that has happened.  Is it resolved?  I think the best way to answer that is that they are working on resolving it.  Certain players leaving helps.  I have 100% full faith that Coach Dantonio is doing all he can to right the ship.  He has earned the right to be trusted.


Hondo, who will be the captains and leaders of this team in 2017?  Chris Paetzke

That is the million dollar question.  As you know, I have predicted correctly the Spartan captains at the start of every summer camp for the last eight years.  This season that is difficult as the situation has the potential to be political more this year than ever before.  I credited this team in the past for keeping politics out of it.  I don’t mean republican or democrat, but the internal politics that most organizations have.  I want to wait and see if that will be the case this year.


Hondo, I keep hearing that the younger players on this team, more specifically the 2016 class, are the best leaders and that is why last year was so bad.  They were the true leaders.  Any thoughts?  Kyle H.

Whoever you heard that from, stop listening.  There were some very good players in that class, but to have called them the best leaders on last year’s team is incredibly ill informed.


Hey Hondo, there are a lot of RB offers out there, but does not seem to be anyone close to committing. Who is the #1 guy on our board?  Stephen Novak

That is true, there are a lot.  Elijah Collins is their top guy.  They are going after him hard and should be in the drivers seat.  There are some other schools that want him as an athlete or at other spots, but to MSU he is a running back.  Henry Geil is an interesting target as well.  MSU is slow playing him meaning a lot of attention with no offer yet.  MSU loves him and remains in constant contact.  The coaches will be in to see him tomorrow.  I get the feeling if Michigan State does not offer tomorrow he will be a Hawkeye before this coming weekend is over.  The question is if they wait too long does Geil and his family read that as a lack of real interest when they see other offers going out from Michigan State?  I am certain they will.  On another note they are going to take two running backs in 18 so that is another reason there seems to be more offers than usual.


Hondo, I have heard you say that Michigan State doesn’t make “Non Committable” offers.  Then I see “Conditional Offers” and I am confused.  Can you make sense please?  Cathy L.

Sure I will Cathy.  Essentially every offer is conditional.  For example, MSU takes one quarterback per year.  So when they send an offer to a quarterback, it will make it clear that once the spot is full, the offer is no longer available.  Look at this year.  Theo Day and Kevin Doyle both had MSU offers.  Either one could commit, Day did so Doyle’s offer was no longer good.  When Dantonio offers, he will take the commit as long as the position numbers are not full.  That is what he means when he says that MSU offers are committable.  Now some programs will offer a kid, but say you can’t commit unless guys we like more than you say no to us.  That may be called an offer, but in my opinion and Dantonio’s opinion it is not.  Lastly, there are “Conditional Offers.”  This is simple.  I know a player that they wanted badly.  They told him no matter if our numbers are full, if you bring us proof that academically you will make it, we will take your commitment.  I know of players that have been told we want you to bring your family to campus to see us and meet us.  If you do that and want to commit we will take it, but until you and your parents visit, this offer is conditional to that.  I hope that makes sense.


Hondo, red flag, red card, red locked?  Can you explain the levels of access/suspension related to these phrases?  Are they different phrases for the same thing? Are they levels of punishment/suspension/double secret probation? Joe Polasek

Great question and get your kid some donuts!  Yes, I can explain that, but how about this.  I asked a current Spartan and a former Spartan captain to write me their interpretation and what it means.

Obviously, both are writing on the condition of anonymity so they could be honest. 


Former Captain: “Those mean the same or at least they used to.  When you go to the Duff (Duffy Daugherty Football Building) you have to enter your code.  When it works a green light shows up and you walk in.  When you are red lighted it means you can’t get in the building.  Some of the guys who like hockey called it red card because when a guy messes up in that sport they get a red credit card that punished them. (Actually that is soccer, but that is what the player wrote) It used to be a real big deal when you got red lighted.  You couldn’t go in the private team only areas and had to earn that back.  But since the Rose Bowl, it doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal.”


Current Spartan: “They all mean the same.  Just that you have done something wrong and you are limited in what you are allowed to do.  Obviously, some guys do worse things so maybe calling everyone in trouble red carded isn’t the right words, but that is what it is called.”


As far as levels you can be suspended, kicked off, or other offenses, but the goal posts have moved a little here over the years.  It used to be that you couldn’t be on the Eagles Council (player leadership team) if you were red carded.  That appears to have changed according to player and administration folks I have spoken to recently.  I am going to ask Dantonio about that the next time he is available.


Hondo, I watched the Spring Game and for the first time since August of last year - I felt positive. Dan Chicago

It was great to be talking football again wasn’t it?  There are a lot of great kids on this team and some very encouraging story lines.  It was nice to tell those and thanks for listening.



There you go everyone.  That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article.  Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A.  If you are a premium member to Spartan Nation please make sure you point that out, as those questions get answered first.  Thank you.

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