Michigan State & Tom Izzo were in the home of Mark Smith until late last night, we have the latest from the Smith family!

Michigan State & Tom Izzo were in the home of Mark Smith until late last night, we have the latest from the Smith family!

The recruiting for the Michigan State 2017 basketball recruiting class is coming to an end.  So much so that Michigan State Hall of Fame head coach Tom Izzo was in New Haven yesterday visiting the top basketball player in the state of Michigan for that year in Romeo Weems.


Soon after that visit Izzo jumped a plane and headed to Edwardsville, IL.  It was there where Tom Izzo spent a lot of time in the lovely home of Yvonne and Anthony Smith and their star guard son Mark Smith.  On a side note I promised his sister Maria that I would remind Mark that she is the best athlete in the family.  The ninth grader is the starting third baseman on her varsity softball team.  (Sorry Mark)

I was on that same couch last week visiting with this amazing family.  They are honest and straight forward and while the recruiting process has been prolonged, that are not seeking drama.

I caught up with Yvonne this morning to get the family perspective on last night’s visit.  She told me, “It was nice a very nice visit.  It was just great.  We talked about the team and more about what Mark’s role would be and things like that.  In every way it was a nice and good visit. A nice friendly visit.”  She went on to add about what her son thought, “Mark really enjoyed the conversation and visit.”


Spartan Nation has said and we maintain that it is our opinion Michigan State is the team to beat for Smith.  Smith will be hosting Duke today.  An interesting note to watch is if legendary Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski actually makes the trip.  There has been some speculation whether or not the Duke head man will be on the visit.

It is my opinion that if Coach K is not on the couch that both Izzo and I have sat on in the last week, that Duke will not be a major player.  Smith at this point will still take visits to Illinois on Thursday and Kentucky perhaps this weekend.  Somewhere in the mix is the possibility of a visit to Ohio State.

No matter how this process is wrapping up.  I applaud the Smith parents for how they have handled the process.  Many do not know that as one of the most sought after pitchers in the nation, Smith turned to basketball full time after a forearm injury ending his young baseball career.

That late entry into the high profile basketball process and consequently his late bloom is why this is taking some time.  Michigan State will be in Stevens Point, WI tonight to visit with the best player in the nation for the 2018 class in Joey Hauser.


Hauser also comes from a great family and I was there just a few short days ago visiting with them.  Keep it tuned to Spartan Nation for the latest on all Spartan basketball information and Smith.

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