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Spartan Nation has gotten a copy of the court records detailing the allegation of rape against Michigan State DE Auston Robertson!

Spartan Nation has gotten a copy of the court records detailing the allegation of rape against Michigan State DE Auston Robertson!

On April 8, 2017, one week after competing in the Michigan State’s annual spring Green and White football game, sophomore Auston Robertson allegedly raped a girl according to police. 

Earlier today Meridian Township Police Detective Rebecca Payne testified about the alleged incident during a court hearing seeking charges. Spartan Nation has obtained a copy of her testimony.

Wild and unsubstantiated rumors flew on the internet about this case downplaying the significance of the allegations.  However, after a thorough investigation Detective Payne told a very different story.

According to court records Detective Payne stated that the alleged victim on Saturday April 8 at around 11PM had “Ran into Robertson.”  The victim, Robertson, and another acquaintance (Spartan Nation knows the identity of this man but is not releasing it as no charges have been sought against him) went to a local pizza establishment where Robertson and the acquaintance ate and the alleged victim did not.

According to the Detective, Robertson then called his girlfriend and asked her to come pick all three up from the establishment.  “The suspect's girlfriend arrives, picks up the suspect, the victim and the male acquaintance.”

The Detective continued, “Once they arrived at the victims residence, suspect (Robertson) says that he is going to walk the victim up to her apartment and make sure she gets there safely.”

Please understand the following details are graphic, but are part of the court records from today’s testimony.

“Once he’s (Robertson) in her apartment the victim describes the suspect forcefully CSC’ing (Criminal Sexual Conduct) her in which he inserted his (male private part) into her (female private part) against her will, during which she was telling him to stop and telling him no.”

She continued that Robertson “Refused to stop continuing to insert his (male private part) into her (female private part).  Suspect (Robertson) abruptly stopped and advised the victim that she can’t tell anybody about the incident.  Victim advised that she had heard at a later time that the suspect had fled to his home state of Indiana.”

Robertson later acknowledged to Detective Payne of his departure of several days to his home state of Indiana according to court records.

All of those details match what Spartan Nation first learned on April 10.

Police also spoke to the victim’s friend and boyfriend and the male acquaintance in the car who she told of the incident and all three corroborated her story with their recollection of her account being the same as she told Detective Payne. 

With the court arguing that Robertson was a flight risk for taking off out of state, and was charged with misdemeanor battery charge while a senior in high school while Michigan State football was recruiting him, Robertson’s bond was set at $75,000 surety. Robertson has not yet been formally arraigned.

Mark Dantonio was recruiting the former 4* DE when he had his first legal issue involving a woman.  Robertson faced misdemeanor battery charge in January 2016 that originated from an incident at his high school (Wayne High School) against a female.  The allegation was that he improperly touched a female classmate.  The chargers were later dropped in March of this year when all of the terms of the diversionary program he entered were met.

As previously reported earlier today by Spartan Nation, Robertson did not sign his National Letter of Intent (NLI) when Robertson found himself embroiled in legal trouble.  According to multiple people inside football and the MSU Administration, Dantonio had made the decision to move on and was not going to sign him.  He obviously changed direction on those comments to others by signing the troubled young man on March 30, 2016; nearly two months after signing day. 

Here is whatDantonio said on that day via a release:

"Our decision to accept Auston Robertson's signed National Letter of Intent and Big Ten Tender has been evaluated over the last three months while utilizing all resources available to us to thoroughly review his situation," Dantonio said.

"Our relationship with Auston began last summer when he committed to Michigan State. When we accepted his verbal (commitment), we also made a commitment to him and his family. We elected not to sign him in early February, and since then he has been accepted into a pretrial diversionary program and must continue to satisfy those requirements. Given all the information available to us, we believe Auston should be provided with an opportunity to begin his education and playing career at Michigan State."

The signing of Auston Robertson to a letter of intent “stunned” members of the Athletic and University Administration at the time who had been told Dantonio was “not even considering it.”  Some of whom told Spartan Nation that they were “shocked” at Dantonio’s decision. 

While Robertson has yet to be arraigned, Michigan State is awaiting charges against three more football players involved in allegations of sexual misconduct in a different incident.  Curtis Blackwell is also suspended pending his involvement in that same incident.

Stay tuned to Spartan Nation for the latest on the Spartan Football off field woes.

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