2018 NY RB Stevie Scott Talks Michigan State with Spartan Nation!

2018 NY RB Stevie Scott Talks Michigan State with Spartan Nation!

2018 NY RB Stevie Scott Talks Michigan State with Spartan Nation!

Spartan Nation caught up with Stevie Scott in Cleveland recently.  With Michigan State wanting to add two running backs in the 2018 class, Scott could be a very key cog in the Spartans plans.

If the Spartans add Scott in their class of 2018 recruits, they will get a strong and punishing running back.

When Scott gets the ball, it takes more than one defender to take him down. He becomes deadest on achieving his goal; reaching the end zone. If someone hits him then he has to do whatever it takes to get them off.

“It usually takes a lot of defenders to take me down,” Scott told Spartan Nation. “The object of the game is to not be touched so I try to make sure the first guy that touches me gets off.”


The Albany, N.Y. native credits this ability to the combination of his speed and power. The running back stands at 6-foot-2 and weighs 225 pounds which it makes him that much harder to take down by himself.

Just like every player, Scott expressed his desire to work on his game and noted areas he is working on improving. Scott said he wants to work on his overall finesse with the football with things such as his cutbacks, quickness and overall moves. If Scott is able to combine his physical gifts with sound technique, he could be a great asset to any team.

Scott said that he is genuinely interested in Michigan State as a choice. He grew up watching a lot of Spartan football and his favorite running back, LeVeon Bell, is a former Spartan. In fact, his main connection to the school is another former running back, Javon Ringer, who is currently on staff as a recruiting intern.

Michigan State has had a lot of recent success sending running backs to the NFL. On top of Ringer and Bell, the Spartans have sent Edwin Baker and Jeremy Langford within the last five years. The Spartans might have two NFL caliber running backs on their roster currently with L.J. Scott and Gerald Holmes.

Scott plans to visit East Lansing during his upcoming break from school and plans to attend a camp sometime this summer.

He has received offers from Army, Boston College, Buffalo, Connecticut, Maine, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, UCF, Clemson, Florida, Indiana, LSU, Penn State and Virginia Tech.

Scott is unsure when he will make his final decision. If he does come to Michigan State, he might be able to follow in his idols’ footsteps.  Stay tuned to Spartan Nation for the latest on the Spartans quest for their next two running backs!

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