19 OH S Samuel Jackson Talks Michigan State, the school he would “Love to play for.”

19 OH S Samuel Jackson Talks Michigan State, the school he would “Love to play for.”

19 OH S Samuel Jackson Talks Michigan State, the school he would “Love to play for.”


For Samuel Jackson, a 2019 recruit from Troy, Ohio, the Michigan State visit he had recently showed him everything he could want to see from a school. If it all goes as Jackson hopes, he will find himself wearing the Spartan uniform when he suits up to play football in college.

“This is a school I’d love to come and play for,” Jackson told Spartan Nation. “I’m really glad I got to come out and see this game.”


Jackson was impressed by all the overall energy shown by everyone involved. It might have just been the spring game, but it was clear that the coaches, players and fans had all shown up as if it was a regular season game. This was a major reason why Jackson enjoyed his trip to East Lansing so much.

“The intensity in the stadium was awesome,” Jackson told Spartan Nation. “The fans got into the game and the coaches and players were all going full go.”

As a safety standing at 6 feet tall and weighing 210 pounds, Jackson liked the overall aggressive play of the defense. The defensive backs went after the ball, the line backers blitzed well and the linemen hit their gaps. It is a defense that impressed Jackson and one he could see himself playing in.

“The defense is really strong and likes to go after the ball,” Jackson told Spartan Nation. “They play the ball well when its thrown.”

One of Jackson’s most important traits is his faith as it is something he takes immense pride in on and off the football field. It is no secret that head coach Mark Dantonio shares a strong belief in faith and that is something that draws Jackson to the program. Jackson thinks it would be a great experience for him to be able to play under a coach that shares his beliefs.

“My faith is important to me on and off the field,” Jackson told Spartan Nation. “It would be amazing for me to play with coaches that share my faith.”

Jackson has recently visited Toledo, Kent State and Ohio. He added that he enjoyed seeing the great facilities and how we were treated by the coaches at these universities.

Although those visits went well, it seems that Jackson will make Michigan State his choice if he is given the chance.  Keep it tuned to Spartan Nation for the latest on Jackson!

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