2019 Garrison Hand "shocked" to receive his first offer from childhood favorite Michigan State!

2019 Garrison Hand "shocked" to receive his first offer from childhood favorite Michigan State!

Recently the Michigan State Spartans coaching staff has been recruiting the state of Georgia, hard. In the past week, there have been over a dozen scholarship offers extended to athletes from the state in the 2018, 2019, and 2020 recruiting classes. Most of the offers have even dished out to well-known or up-and-coming recruits with a large amount of interest from various schools. Yesterday an offer to 2019 Atlanta, Georgia athlete Garrison Hand served as his first offer. As a matter of fact, the offer from the Spartans was a huge surprise for Garrison due to the fact that the Spartans were a childhood favorite. Spartan Nation spoke to the versatile sophomore to get his thoughts on his first scholarship offer.


“This something I have been dreaming about my entire life,” Garrison exclaimed to Spartan Nation, “This is a phenomenal opportunity!”

Receiving the first scholarship for every single recruit is a big deal. They have to start somewhere, after all. Most recruits start out with offers from smaller, yet very respectable, schools. Garrison was a rare exception, receiving is first offer from a school that is one year removed from the college football playoff. “I’m just shocked... I never could've imagined such a big school would offer me first,” he said.

What makes this “big offer” so special to Garrison, is that he was always tuned into Spartan football games growing up, and the trend still continues. “This offer was huge for me, especially considering Michigan State was absolutely a childhood favorite for me.” He has seen the Spartans produce NFL quarterbacks, his primary position at Westlake High School, but that is what appeals the most.

“Michigan State has always been a top notch, competitive team. It’s hard not to watch them. Also, it’s something about the color green they wear. I could definitely see myself in that green and white.”

Garrison was offered as an athlete. His 6’4”, 195 pound frame is appealing to any school that wishes to use him as a plug-and-play athlete. His versatility is a large factor in why the Spartans chose to offer. On what he can bring to both the Spartans offense, and defense, Garrison explained, “I can contribute with my size, speed, and agility to both sides of the ball.”

Garrison is hoping to visit Michigan State this summer.

Garrison Hand is not yet rated by Scout. Stay tuned to Spartan Nation for all news 2018 recruiting in the state of Georgia, and outside of it.

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