Answering your Michigan State basketball questions and emails...

Answering your Michigan State basketball questions and emails...

Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...


Hey Hondo, in your opinion, with Miles Bridges coming back and including the incoming freshman that are signed, who is the best NBA prospect on MSU’s roster?  Thanks, Brad Speirs

Best is Miles, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be multiple others.  MSU should be the pre-season #1 team next season for a good reason; they are stacked.


Hondo, I loved the latest interviews on the road with Romeo Weems and Rocket Watts. Sure looks like 2019 could be as good as 2016 class.  Would you agree?  Jason Bates

It sure looks like it could be.  MSU could lose a lot of players after this coming season and they will certainly need to reload in 18 and 19.  Can you dare to imagine Rocket, Weems, and Keion Brooks in 19?  WOWZA when you add them to who should be on that roster.

Hondo, I am reading a lot that MSU really wants Tyger Campbell.  You don’t seem to be talking about him much.  Do you know something others do not?  C. Howe

No, I don’t think so.  Michigan State is not recruiting him that hard and I suspect at this moment he is on his way to DePaul.

Hondo, I am not saying this to make you feel good, but I caught you on a national radio show and I heard you discussing the recruitment of transfers.  Any chance you could write about it and explain?  Thanks Kyle Stempf

Sure I can and thanks for listening Kyle.  There are coaches who watch closely for those players that red shirt.  If a player isn’t a starter or possibly not a starter when their senior campaign comes along some of those bottom feeding programs will start recruiting that kid (unethical and against the rules may I add) trying to get a grad transfer.  I also know that there are bottom feeders always in the head of parents and others trying to get kids to leave programs and transfer at any time.  With the way college basketball is going, it would be a VERY RARE instance for Michigan State to red shirt anyone else again. I am sure it will, but very rare.  College basketball is becoming a giant cesspool right now and sadly it is being ruined by many entrusted to guard and protect it.  There are very few like Izzo left. 


What role do you think Xavier Tillman will play in his freshman season?  Chris Paetzke

I really like X.  He will play for sure and develop.  This is going to be a great season for him to learn and I would be stunned if he doesn’t slide into a starting role in his sophomore year.

Hondo, I loved your interview with Hameir Wright last month.  I read that he might reclassify for 2017 and that Izzo wanted him desperately since he didn’t get Mark Smith.  Any thoughts on that?  Kyle Mason

I think Hameir has a better chance of being a Spartan if he does not reclassify and stays in 2018.  Tom Izzo wanted Smith for several reasons, but most importantly that he was really liked by the team and fit the Spartans nearly perfect chemistry.  They don’t know Hameir as well and while I am not saying MSU wouldn’t take Wright in 17, it is far from certain at this moment.  Izzo is guarding and protecting this next team and that critical chemistry.  Wright is certainly on the Spartan radar, but there are many others as well.  And by the way, wherever you read Izzo “desperately” wanted a player, stop reading them.  I know Tom as a coach I cover and he is a personal friend.  He isn’t “desperate” for anyone.

Hondo, I really love Romeo Weems in the 2019 class.  What do you predict?  Will he be a Spartan?  Daniel D.

I do not like to predict and with a 19 kid that is so far away.  If I had to give an opinion right now at this place in time I would say Michigan State is the leader, but recruiting can change literally hour by hour so who knows.  I do know he loves Michigan State.

Hondo, there is a player that isn’t getting a lot of attention out of Belleville high school named Gabe Brown.  Just curious of what you think of him.  Thanks for all you do, Pete S.

First, Pete, thanks for being a premium member.  I can’t do what I do without you so the thanks go to you.  Secondly, MSU is watching him close.  They like him as do I.    I think he has a real chance to be special.  Keep your eye on him and watch for him on Spartan Nation.  I have a suspicion you might see more on him soon.

Hondo, you reported about a new Izzo offer for the 2018 class.  A young man out of Grand Rapids.  Can you elaborate on him?  Carolyn Edwards

His name is Marcus Bingham.  He is very skinny and has to get bigger, but he has a lot of Jaren Jackson’s game.  He can shoot and I know they really do like him.  You can add size, but you can’t add character and natural God given talent.  He has the character and God given talent, and with the work ethic to add size he will be special.  Keep your eyes on Spartan Nation; you might be seeing a lot more about him soon.

Hondo, how come there are some players being hyped as real potential MSU commits that you aren’t even talking about?  Do you not know or what?  Curtis M.

If I know that a player is not coming to MSU or if I know that the MSU staff is not interested I do not report on them.  I can’t comment on what other reporters do. I am too busy doing what I do, but I am not going to hype kids in any sport because the fans are lathered up about them.  Once I know MSU is out, either from the MSU or player side, I move on.  It is not fair to our premium members to promote players that they are not getting or taking.


Hondo, can you tell me if you think we get Brian Bowen?  Thanks, Mike

I have said for months that I do not think MSU gets Brandon McCoy (they did not) and I don’t think Bowen either.  I am NOT reporting Michigan State is officially out on Bowen, I am saying I do not think he is coming.


Hondo, I have loved your interviews on the road with players and parents.  Looks like Izzo is recruiting not only good players but some super parents.  Joanna T.

That is a great point.  Izzo is going after quality people as much as basketball players.  Thanks for watching and being a premium member.

There you go everyone.  Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books.  Make sure to send in your questions for next week.  Simply email them to and put weekly Q and A Basketball in the subject line.

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