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Te'Cory Couch thrilled to receiver offer from Michigan State and plans to visit this summer.

Te'Cory Couch thrilled to receiver offer from Michigan State and plans to visit this summer.

Te’Cory Couch is only a sophomore in high school but has big dreams of playing college football. He reigns from Hollywood, but not the glamorous star-struck city that rests in Southern California. He is from Hollywood, Florida, a hard-working city that is known for their high school football talent rather than their film stars. Couch holds eight scholarship offers, with his latest coming from the Michigan State Spartans.


On Tuesday, Michigan State coaches recruited the state of Florida very extensively, extending nearly a dozen scholarships Florida recruits in a single day. Couch was pleasantly surprised when he met with Coach Synder to learn about his offer on Tuesday, saying “Coach Mark Snyder, the linebackers coach, came down on Tuesday he just asked me how I was doing. He told me he really likes my film and as a result, I have an offer from Michigan State,” he said.


On what he possesses that warranted the offer from the Spartans, Couch said, “I believe I could bring a game changer defensively. I see the ball really well and I play very aggressive.” It is safe to say the coaches at Michigan State believe that to be true as it is not common that Michigan State offers 160 pound defensive backs.

Speaking of his weight, Couch is planning a major increase in that number this summer. “My weaknesses is my weight at the moment. I need to get bigger. I'm 6’ and my weight is 161 pounds but I'm trying to get to 175 pounds by the fall.” Couch believes that will allow him to become a more physical tackler and hitter. “One of my strengths are attacking the ball,” said Couch, “I excel at being a ball hawk.”

His offer from the Michigan State Spartans was only Couch’s second power five offer, the other coming from Illinois, but it served as much more than just that. “It means a lot to me that they decided I’m worthy of an offer. Knowing that they believe in me to give me an opportunity to be a Spartan if I decide to commit to Michigan state is a great feeling.”

The rising sophomore has one last note of information to tell Spartan fans. “I plan to visit Michigan State when I attend team Tate annual college tour this summer. I’m very excited to see the facilities, campus, and just the school in general,” Couch explained.

Te’Cory Couch has not yet been rated in the class of 2019 by Scout.

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