4* 19 MI OT Devontae Dobbs has multiple offers from around the nation including Michigan State & he updates us on his recruitment!

4* 19 MI OT Devontae Dobbs has multiple offers from around the nation including Michigan State & he updates us on his recruitment!

Devontae Dobbs is a sophomore at Belleville High School in Belleville, MI with almost 25 offers to play college football that reads like a virtual who’s who of college football elite. The potential five star player has the eyes on the nation on Belleville.


Devontae is presently a 4-star offensive tackle that as Spartan  Nation has previewed before, has received an offer from Michigan State. Spartan Nation caught up recently with Dobbs to interview him about how he is feeling towards Michigan State.

Devontae is 6’4 and 270 pound player that is considered by many as an All- American person, student and player. He told Spartan Nation that his father owns his own business and his mom is a sleep technologist. When he was asked about which parent will get after him when it comes to his education he said, “I’ll have to say mom, she doesn’t play at all”.

Dobbs has 2 more years until he goes off to college as a class of 2019 player, but in the meantime it gives him a great opportunity to improve his game for the upcoming years. Spartan Nation made sure to ask Devontae what he likes about his ability and also what he needs to improve. Dobbs response was, “Right now I love my athleticism you know my footwork, I want to have more hand discipline and eye coordination.”

With Alabama, UCLA, Penn State, Florida State, Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State and many more offering it is an intense recruitment to watch. He said of Michigan State “I think they got great coaches you know, a great tradition, great players, you know great facilities and stuff like that and I think it’s a really good place.” 

Devontae told us what he thinks of the Spartan campus, “I think it’s great, you know I know the players love it and they tell me all the time that they love it there, they love the fans and they love the facilities” Dobbs also informed Spartan Nation that one of his friends at MSU is Kyonta Stallworth.

With Devontae graduating in 2019 it gives him a lot of time to make a decision about which college he would like to attend. He was asked by Spartan Nation if had a time frame for his decision about which team to pick and he responded with “No I am not 100% sure, I mean, I want to commit after next year but it might be at the end of my senior, I’m not sure yet.”

Stay tuned for the latest updates on Dobbs from Spartan Nation.

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