FL 18 DE James Head, Jr. Talks Michigan State after getting his offer from a place he called, "One of my favorite schools growing up."

FL 18 DE James Head, Jr. Talks Michigan State after getting his offer from a place he called, "One of my favorite schools growing up."

2018 3-star defensive end James Head Jr. received an offer from Michigan State University, one of his favorite schools growing up.

Although Head has not visited East Lansing yet, the Spartans are one of his top schools. He has been a fan of the green and white since he was young.

“Michigan State has been one of my favorite schools growing up,” Head told Spartan Nation. “I’m definitely going to be looking into them.”


One of the reason Michigan State appeals so much to the 6-foot-5 and 213 pounds defensive end is because of his father. However, his father is no Spartan. His favorite school to root for actually in state rival University of Michigan. Being a defensive player, Head always enjoyed watching the tough and gritty defenses the Spartans fielded year after year while racking up wins against his father’s favorite team. It was a fun rivalry between the two of them and one that might end up being a major influence on Head’s college decision.

Head’s parents have had a major influence on their son and their two daughters. Head believes they have raised him right and uses them whenever he needs guidance. Head added that he understands how lucky he is to have both his parents in his life, especially with a role model like his father.

“He’s a role model for me,” Head told Spartan Nation. “I tell my dad every day I love him and how happy I am to have him in my life.”


His mother’s biggest influence has been in the class room. She taught Head the value of an education and used to push him to do his absolute best in his classes. She would even threaten to not let him play football anymore to motivate him to do his best. Now, she does not push him anymore, because education has become so important to him.

“I take my education seriously,” Head told Spartan Nation. “It is something I’ve been taking seriously for a long time now.”

The other thing that his parents taught him to love the game of football which has helped the Miami, Fla. native grow into the player he is today.

“My passion comes from my parents instilling it in me from a young age,” Head told Spartan Nation. “I never looked back.”

Head can flat out play defense. He is one of the absolute toughest defensive ends out there and would fit in perfectly with how the Spartans try to play defense. He is a wrecking ball when he is on the field and can give offenses nightmares based on his physicality and effort to blow up any play. Where ever Head decides to play, it is clear that he is going to be a force to worry about.

One of the most interesting things about Head is that a normal person would not be able to tell he is a football player based on how humble of a guy he is. One of his classmates told Spartan Nation that Head is one of the nicest and gentlest guys he knows. Another was surprised that he even agreed to the radio interview because of how humble he is and the fact that he does not like to talk about himself.

Head has been drawing looks from around most of the country. He has been in contact with Baylor, Florida Atlantic, Indiana, Iowa State, Mississippi State, N.C. State, South Carolina, UCF, USF and Nebraska along with Michigan State.

Out of that list, Head highlighted Indiana and Nebraska. Head said that he has enjoyed talking to the coaches at Indiana and plans to visit them sometime this summer.

Head is still somewhat interested in Nebraska as they are the very first school that showed interest in him.

“[Nebraska] kind of put me on the map,” Head told Spartan Nation.

Head is still in contact with the coaches at Nebraska and is thinking about visiting the school this summer.

Head has been mostly in contact with defensive ends/special teams coach Mark Snyder and is excited to visit this summer for a camp and potentially during the upcoming school year.

Head is planning on announcing his decision before the upcoming season.  Stay tuned to Spartan Nation for the latest on the Florida youngster.

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