18 OH LB Abe Myers has some strong sentiments for Michigan State & he shared them with Spartan Nation!

18 OH LB Abe Myers has some strong sentiments for Michigan State & he shared them with Spartan Nation!

East Lansing, MI

The state of Ohio is a hot bed for Michigan State recruiting and the 2018 class will be no different.  Abe Myers from Big Walnut High School is a rising star out of the Buckeye State and with two MAC offers and a flurry of Power Five schools interested he took time to talk recruiting with us at Spartan Nation.

MSU CO-DC and linebacker Coach Mike Tressel recently stopped in to see the rising prospect and Myers told us, “That is a great feeling and a great day. I am totally new to this, so to have Michigan State come to my school which I don’t think has really happened in a while is a great feeling that they are coming to talk to you.”


 So does Myers have any predisposed thoughts on where he wants to play? “I am thinking right now that I would love to play big time football and Michigan State has a great reputation and is a great school to play for. I would be honored to play for Michigan State and I am taking in all my options now.”

He said of the Spartans recent visit that, “I just talked to Michigan State.  They seem excited he (Mike Tressel) said I need to get up to camp so I am looking forward to that this summer.”

Myers will be on campus in East Lansing on June 17th for the Spartans highly touted elite camp. 

So what do the Spartans like about this smash mouth bruiser? “He (Tressel) said he loves my film and highlights.  Said I was crazy.”

Being called “Crazy” by the Spartans CO-DC and LB Coach is a compliment.  The Spartans love current “Crazy” LB Chris Frey and Myers brings that same intensity to the gridiron.  “I know of Chris (Frey) and watched him TV.  I would agree that I know how he plays and try to model my game to something like that and go crazy”

Off field Myers is just as proud of his accomplishments.  He truly keeps the “student” in the overused term of student athlete.  He carries a superb GPA and grades matter to this young man.  “3.5 (GPA) so pretty good grades and stay on top pf that.”

Other Power Five schools in hot pursuit of Myers are Kentucky and Louisville.  I asked about both and his answers were refreshing as his candor was second to none.

As far as the Wildcats he told me, “I have been down there a couple of times for a game and this spring for the spring game.  Kentucky has some good facilities and like it and the environment.  If you are comparing it to Spartan football there really isn’t much of a comparison.  It was great, but I don’t know if it can compare to the Spartan Nation.”

The Wildcats arch rival Louisville wants Myers as well and he said, “They have good facilities do.  It was nice to get to see the Heisman trophy that was cool.  They have a good reputation and tradition.  I do like Louisville, but I am just really looking forward to getting up to MSU.  That is the takeaway.”

So does he know when he wants to commit?  “I am thinking about summer.  In the summer I will be hitting up some camps and by the end of the summer I should pretty much know where I want to go.”

Spartan Nation is going to keep tabs on Myers as his recruiting continues to skyrocket.  This young man’s dedication to the classroom and natural God given talent have seen him blossom into a big time recruit with big time upside potential.

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