Mark Dantonio & Michigan State football going after 18 GA DB who is a true, “Student Athlete” in Kendall Williamson!

Mark Dantonio & Michigan State football going after 18 GA DB who is a true, “Student Athlete” in Kendall Williamson!

Michigan State has had some major success recruiting players in Georgia and is looking to continue that trend after they recently offered 2018 3-star recruit Kendall Williamson.

The offer meant a lot to the Snellville native as they are one of the teams that has shown interest in him and he has talked to extensively. Michigan State’s interest in him is what got him interested in their program. It was a big moment for him, because an offer from them means they think he is good enough to be on the team.

“It meant a lot. I’ve talked to Michigan State previously and they seemed thoroughly interested in me which got me interested in them as well,” Williamson told Spartan Nation. “It meant a lot that they thought I was good enough for them to extend an offer to me and I really appreciate it.”

Part of the reason Michigan State is interested in Williamson is how fast and quick he is with his 6-foot-1 and 185 pound frame. Co-offensive coordinator and running back coach Dave Warner told him that in person the first time they ever talked a couple months ago after they met through Williamson’s coach at Brookwood High School, Philip Jones. The two chatted for a while, but one thing was clear to Williamson. Michigan State was deeply interested in him from the start.

“I talked to Michigan State a couple months ago when they came out and visited. My head coach introduced me to coach Warner and we talked for a while,” Williamson told Spartan Nation. “He seemed pretty interested and said he liked my size. That was the first interaction I had when I met coach Warner.”

Williamson found out about his offer from the Spartans a couple weeks ago when a few of the coaches were in town visiting. They told coach Jones about the offer and he relayed the information to Williamson.

Although Williamson does not have a set position, he said that Michigan State already has ideas on where he would play at the next level. The Spartans see Williamson as a defensive back if he decides to wear their uniform predominately because there is a lot of film that shows his quickness there and his length at the position.


“I think they’re leaning towards corner back or defensive back in general,” Williamson told Spartan Nation. “That’s the position they really see me move at most of the time on my film. It really seems like it too because coach Warner said he liked my length at defensive back.”

When Williamson thinks about Michigan State, the firs things that come to his mind are Draymond Green, the success of the basketball and football teams and his local connection to the school as junior Spartan wide receiver Andre Sims attended Brookwood High School as well.

As mentioned earlier, Michigan State has had a lot of success in the state of Georgia including former corner back Darqueze Dennard who went from hardly recruited to a first-round draft pick by the Cincinnati Bengals. The difference between Dennard and Williamson is that Williamson has received a lot more offers from colleges, but Michigan State fell in love with both.

The success with some of these local players really intrigues Williamson in Michigan State. He knows there are many good players in the area and thinks that competition has helped develop players to produce at the next level. It is also a little bit reassuring for him to see players from his state see success at Michigan State. Many of them go on and become contributors to the team.

“It does intrigue me. I like to see those colleges that pick up players from Georgia and have success with them,” Williamson told Spartan Nation. “I like that they recruit this are and have success because I know Georgia has a lot of great athletes. There’s always a lot of competition down here that translates to college.”

However, Michigan State has a lot of competition if they want Williamson in green and white. He received offers from around 30 schools across the country, including some in the same conference.

Williamson has drawn interest from Air Force, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Michigan State, Mississippi State, N.C. State, North Carolina, Purdue, Rutgers, Florida, Florida State as well asTennessee and Pittsburgh.

Not only is that a ton of programs, but each one has its own unique thing to offer to Williamson.

Williamson touched upon Rutgers and Purdue, some of Michigan State’s biggest rivals for his services in the Big Ten.

Williamson is quite interested in Rutgers as they were one of the very first schools that looked at him and one of his very first college offers. He still maintains a connection to wide receiver coach Jafar Williams and admires him. He is definitely considering them.

“I definitely like Rutgers because they were one of the very first schools that looked at me and one of the first offers that I got,” Williamson told Spartan Nation. “I still talk to the wide receiver coach and I like him a lot. They are a good school.”

When he has gotten the chance to talk to the coaches at Purdue, Williamson has really enjoyed it. He still needs to talk to them more before he makes a decision, but he really likes the team they have and the coaches around it.

“I like Purdue a lot as well. They have a nice squad and I really like the coaches there,” Williamson told Spartan Nation. “I’ve talked to them some, not a lot, but I really like them and it seems like a good football program.”

As it is clear how hectic Williamson’s recruiting process has been, he could not commit to attending a camp in East Lansing this summer. He has to figure out his whole summer schedule and what works for himself and his parents, but he would love to visit the school if he gets the chance.

“I’m not too sure about my plans for where I’ll be going this summer, because the spring has been so hectic with recruiting so I’m not sure where or when I’m going,” Williamson told Spartan Nation. “I also need to work with my parent’s schedule, but I’d love to come up to Michigan State. I’d love to see the campus, the facilities and everything else.”

If one could not tell or might have missed in that long list of interested schools, there are a few that stand out such as Yale and Dartmouth that show that Williamson is as much of a student as an athlete. He said he prides himself on his class work as well as he understands that football cannot last forever and just how difficult it can be to see major success. He will always have an education to fall back on if anything happens and knows it can lead to major success. This is something that he does not tell many people.

“I take pride in my academics because football can’t last forever. It doesn’t for anybody,” Williamson told Spartan Nation. “I like to focus on my academics as much as my athletics because I know success in the class room can lead to much more than football can for most people so I like to take care about that. Not a lot of people know that about me outside of my school.”

Williamson said he owes his humility and future to his parents and coaches. His parents have put him on the right path doing the right things and his coaches have helped him develop important traits he carries with him every day.

“I owe it all to my parents, they raised me right. They got me focused on the right things at the right time and made me into the young man I am today so I owe it all to them,” Williamson told Spartan Nation. “Also to my coaches for instilling other traits in me that I didn’t have at first, but developed under their tutelage.”

If the Spartans are able to get Williamson, not only would they be getting a great player, but they would also be getting a great guy.  Stay tuned to Spartan Nation for latest in Williamson’s recruitment.

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