18 IN RB Johnny "THE DOCTOR" Adams will camp at Michigan State this summer & updates his recruiting for us!

18 IN RB Johnny "THE DOCTOR" Adams will camp at Michigan State this summer & updates his recruiting for us!

Spartan Nation got the chance to catch up with 2018 3-star running back Johnny Adams to see how his recruiting process is going and how Michigan State fits in.

For the Indianapolis native, Michigan State is one of his most desired schools. He went as far as to say an offer from the Spartans would help him complete his bucket list.

“My interest in Michigan State is still high like it’s always been,” Adams told Spartan Nation. “Michigan State is one of the great schools on my bucket list that I’m hoping I get offered by.”


Adams is still in contact with some of the coaches and is still receiving mail from the university. He is planning on attending a camp in East Lansing, hoping he is given the opportunity to compete for an offer.

Adams, also known by his nick name “The Doctor” because of his aspirations of being an orthopedic or general surgeon someday, hopes he gets that chance because he loves competing on and off the field so much that it has become a part of his nature. He credits his older cousin, Elijah Ball, a few other friends he grew up with at Ben Davis High School and his parents for his competitive side.

“[Competing] comes from growing up with my cousin Elijah Ball and a couple other guys at my high school. We’ve always been competitive trying to find out whose better, whose faster or whose stronger. That competitive nature has carried on with me throughout my life time and I just want to thank them for that,” Adams told Spartan Nation. “My mom and my dad helped by telling me to strive for greatness and don’t let anyone tell you they can beat you. Without them I wouldn’t have that nature.”

The schools Adams listed off that have shown interest in him in the Big Ten are Iowa, Minnesota, Purdue and Penn State.

Although Adams has only visited Iowa City one time, it was such a great experience for him that it left a lasting impression. He got a chance to see the campus facilities and discuss various topics about Iowa football with head coach Kirk Ferentz.

“I’ve only been on campus one time at Iowa and that one time was pretty amazing. I liked everything. I liked the facilities and the coaches. The head coach is really nice guy and a great man,” Adams told Spartan Nation. “He told me all about Iowa, everything that comes with being a football player at Iowa and being a person at Iowa. All the other coaches are very nice too. I think all around it’s a pretty good school.”

Adams has not heard much from Minnesota lately, but thinks very highly of the school and new head coach P.J. Fleck. He said that he had a great conversation with Fleck and gained a lot of knowledge from him that he will use in his life. He would like to attend a camp there, but it will depend on whether it will fit into his parents’ budget.

“Minnesota is a great school. I haven’t heard from my man P.J. Fleck in a while, but the last time I talked to him he seemed very experienced and shed a lot of knowledge on me and a lot of it I can use in my life so I appreciate him for that,” Adams told Spartan Nation.

Adams has not gotten far in enough to plan a camp at Purdue, but had some high thoughts of the new coaching staff, led by head coach Jeff Brohm, and the direction the program is going.

“Purdue is a pretty good school. I’m pretty sure the new coaching staff is going to do great things with that program, great things with the players and right now it’s all about them building a tradition you can make your own,” Adams told Spartan Nation.

Adams also shared his thoughts on Michigan State. It is no surprise that the Spartans are one team that Adams really hopes he gets an offer from. He has visited East Lansing once already and hopes he gets the chance to make it his home for his college football career.

“Michigan State is a great, great school. I can’t say it enough,” Adams told Spartan Nation. “The atmosphere and the coaches are all amazing. I love it up there and if I could go up there right now I would.”

Stay tuned to Spartan Nation for more updates on Johnny Adams.

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