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REWIND: Looking back at the 2013 Michigan State Football Recruiting Class

REWIND: Looking back at the 2013 Michigan State Football Recruiting Class

REWIND:  Looking back at the 2013 Michigan State Football Recruiting Class

Every year at Spartan Nation we go back and look at the classes that will make up this year’s Spartan roster.  We start today with the 2013 class.  Mark Dantonio loves to red shirt players.  That is why we go back five years.  When this series concludes with the 2017 class, we will then go looking back at the 2012 class in light of their completed careers.  We will also give 2012 a final class grade.

  1. Jon Reschke MLB 6’2” 230# Bloomfield, MI Reschke left Michigan State after what he called an, "insensitive and totally regrettable comment” and wrong statement.  With one year of eligibility left he was poised to be the leader of the defense and was a high producer. Devastating loss for MSU and the young man.

  2. Shane Jones LB 6’1” 225# Cincinnati, OH Jones is still on the team.  He has not developed into a starter, but has played.

  3. Dennis Finley OL 6'6" 295# Detroit, MI Finley had stardom written all over him.  He played very young at a high level, but suffered a devastating leg injury.  With one year left, if he gain regain his confidence he could be a very pleasant surprise in 2017.

  4. Darian Hicks CB 6’ 175# Solon, OH Hicks played considerably over his career.  A great teammate and a sold contributor.

  5. Damion Terry QB 6’4” 220# Erie, PA Terry has struggled to remain healthy when given a chance to play.  In 2017 he is expected to be the backup to Brian Lewerke.

  6. Demetrius Cooper DE 6’5” 220# Chicago, IL Cooper has developed some, but off field legal issues that threaten what many hoped would be a break out senior season.  Dantonio has not spoken about Cooper and his status with the team.

  7. Gerald Holmes RB 6’1” 209# Flint, MI Holmes has played well. While getting starts and opportunities he has had a chance to shine, he has never been given the rock on a full time basis.   He was one of the bright spots for Michigan State over the spring, but is there enough reps on the team with three quality running backs to shine?

  8. Delton Williams ATH 6'2" 215# Erie, PA Williams had off field legal issues and also did not materialize into the devastating back he was expected to be.

  9. Jalyn Powell S 6’2” 185# Marion, OH promising player that never materialized that, he transferred to Youngstown State.

  10. Devyn Salmon DT 6’1” 293# Plant City, FL Salmon has found a home as a backup center on the offensive line.

  11. James Bodanis DT 6’5” 299# Toronto, Canada Bodanis transferred to Michigan State and while not a star, he was solid and parlayed that into a career in the CFL.

  12. Justin Williams DB 6'1" 180# Port St. Lucie, FL Williams career never took off for the Spartans.  He asked for and was granted his release entering his third year.

  13. R.J. Shelton RB 5’11” 190# Beaver Dam, WI Shelton ended up the best player in this class.  He is a versatile player and a great leader.  A beloved teammate and respected leader he is now in the NFL with the Vikings and his presence is a very big loss.

  14. Noah Jones DL 6'3" 280# Fort Lauderdale, FL Jones left Michigan State to attend JUCO and signed with UAB.

  15. Michael Geiger K 5'9" 180# Toledo, OH Geiger had an amazing freshman campaign in which many thought he was the best kicker in the nation.  After that he struggled with both confidence and injury. 

  16. Dylan Chmura TE 6’5” 238# Waukesha, WI Chmura had a very promising career cut short by injury.

  17. Trey Kilgore WR 6’1” 180# Cincinnati, OH Kilgore transferred to Towson State.

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