REWIND: Looking back at the 2014 Michigan State Football Recruiting Class

REWIND: Looking back at the 2014 Michigan State Football Recruiting Class

REWIND:  Looking back at the 2014 Michigan State Football Recruiting Class

Every year at Spartan Nation we go back and look at the classes that will make up this year’s Spartan roster.  We started with the 2013 class yesterday and today with the 2014 class.  Mark Dantonio loves to red shirt players.  That is why we go back five years.  When this series concludes with the 2017 class, we will then go looking back at the 2012 class in light of their completed careers.  We will also give 2012 a final class grade.

  1. Enoch Smith Jr. 6’2” 280 # DT Chicago, IL Smith left the program and is now playing for Oklahoma State.

  2. Malik McDowell DL Farmington Hills, 6’6” 292#  McDowell left early for the NFL and is not a Seattle Seahawk. 

  3. Montae Nicholson DB 6’2” 202# Monroeville, PA Nicholson left early for the NFL and is now a Washington Redskin.

  4. Craig Evans DT Sun Prairie, WI 6’3” 325# Evans was invited to leave the team and has done so.  I love Evans and will forever find his departure from MSU as very sad.  Had he come to MSU at a previous time he would be playing here still.  His invitation to leave the team should not be taken as him being a bad person.  In my opinion and without offering any details, Michigan State let him down more than he did Michigan State.

  5. Brian Allen OL, Hinsdale, IL  6’2” 299# Allen is poised to be a captain on this team and is a star.  Nothing short of a terrific player.   If MSU can return to success in 2017, he will be a major reason.

  6. Gerald Owens RB Westville, New Jersey 6’1” 252# Owens is no longer a running back and has not as of yet been a productive player. 

  7. Vayante Copeland DB Dayton, OH 6’ 186# Copeland was a star in the making.  Once he hit the field he shined bright.  He suffered a devastating neck injury and never regained his confidence.  Presently Mark Dantonio has confirmed that he is red locked and not with the team or program activity in red locked status. 

  8. Madre London RB Fort Lauderdale, Florida 6’1” 210#  London has not been able to emerge from the Spartan stable of running backs to be the man, but he is a solid player and great person.  He will get plenty of reps this fall on the field.

  9. Byron Bullough OLB Traverse City, MI 6’2” 220# Unfairly to Bullough, he has not been as productive as some others that had his name on their jersey and he is held to that standard. Now that he is 100%, it is a matter of whether or not he can get back in the mix.  He will be a solid player and is an exceptional leader.

  10. Chris Frey, Jr OLB, Upper Arlington, OH 6’1” 215# Frey is an amazing leader, the heart and soul of the Spartan defense and the blood and guts blue collar Spartan Psycho that everyone loves.  A solid person and player he and Allen are in a dog fight for the best of the class.  He will get his shot to play on Sundays.  He and Allen are almost shoe-ins for the captains role and they deserve it.

  11. T.J. Harrell ATH Tampa, FL 6’1” 210# Harrell has been a solid teammate, but has struggled to find a home and get significant reps. 

  12. Chase Gianacakos OT St Charles, IL 6’5” 280# He is a great person who has not as of yet been able to gain a foot hold on the line.

  13. Matt Sokol ATH, Rochester, MI 6’5” 226#  6’5” 226# Sokol is the kid next door.  Great leader and a solid TE that steps into the starting role this season.

  14. Matt Morrissey WR Lincolnshire, Illinois 6’3” 195# Morrissey has played and has been a super teammate and leader.  He looks to fight for a starting role this fall and fill a major gap on the team. 

  15. Robert Bowers DE Columbus, OH 6’5” 215# Bowers was a man that came to MSU with very high expectation.  I have always liked him and Dantonio confirmed our report that he was not with the team or program activity.  However, as previously reported by Spartan Nation earlier today, he has been back this week in team and program activity.  MSU with Bowers has three for sure DE’s now and they need him to step up and play to his potential in 2017.

  16. Deon Drake LB Detroit, MI 6’1” 215# Drake’s MSU career never took off.   He is no longer on the team.

  17. David Beedle DL Clarkston, MI 6’4 290#  Beedle has played for Michigan State and is a solid role player.  He looks to solidify a starting role this fall.

  18. Miguel Machado OL Pasadena, CA 6’6” 285# Machado finished he career at Michigan State.  He was a solid role player for the Spartans.

  19. Montez Sweat DE Stone Mountain, Georgia 6’6” 220# Sweat has invited to leave the Spartan program and has done so.

  20. Jalen Watts-Jackson DB Orchard Lake, MI 5’11” 185 This young man is forever an ICON for the play he made against Michigan.  He has yet to be able to be a major contributor, but is looking to get to that spot after continued recovery from the injury sustained from that play.

  21. Nick Padla OL Berrien Springs, Michigan 6’5” 280# Padla has been a role player for the Spartans and is looking and expecting more in 2017.

  22. Jake Hartbarger P/K Whitehouse, Ohio 6’4” 195# “Heartbreaker” as he is known has been a very reliable punter.  With a cannon for a leg, he has a real shot at a long career punting for the NFL.  He should take the step this season to among the nation’s elite.  With a rebuilding Spartan squad, any success for MSU, like getting to a bowl is going to depend on many factors including his foot.

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