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Michigan Statefootball held their big man camp today and Spartan Nation was in attendance. Here is our report!

Michigan State football held their big man camp today and Spartan Nation was in attendance. Here is our report!

Michigan State Big Man Camp Report

East Lansing, MI

Duffy Daugherty Football Building

The Michigan State Spartans are in hot pursuit of new talent as the program heads in a new direction.  Today they held their seven on seven team camp as well as a big man camp.  Spartan Nation had great representation at the camp.

I was there along with our photographer Lindsay Fizzell and SCOUT.com Midwest national scout Allen Trieu.  Here are several of the players that had good days.



Antwan Reed is a super young man from Muskegon.  He is a 6’7” 315# monster that is committed to Penn State.  This was a big in-state loss for the Spartans.  He had a great day and looked like a star.  The MSU coaches gave him a ton of personal attention, but he is 100% solid to the Lions.


Dimitri Douglas is a 6’4” 290# OL from Saline, Michigan.  He has multiple offers, but from MAC schools.  He had a very good day and showed some very good feet.  The Spartans were watching him close.



Luke Harmon is an OL that is still a little raw, but he showed some flashes of athleticism.  He is from Grand Rapids Catholic.  He caught the eye of the coaches on several occasions.  I am NOT saying an offer is imminent, but that is a name to keep in mind and watch.  He has real potential and to me looks like a diamond in the rough.


Jacob Dean is a 6’8” 325# behemoth from here in Michigan.  I was very impressed with his athleticism and despite being 325, he is very solid.  I liked his toughness at the point of attack in one on one drills and was super coachable.  He paid attention and didn’t repeat mistakes.  He has one offer and that is from Iowa State.


Andrew Kristofic is a 6’6” 240# (I think he is bigger than that) OL that to me looked a little bit like a bigger Travis Jackson.  Hailing from Pennsylvania he was the real deal.  Dantonio loved the athleticism that Jackson showed and the coaches showed him a lot of attention.  As soon as he moved you could see why.  I would be shocked if an offer doesn’t show up for him before all is said and done.


Anthony Bradford is a 6’5” 320# guard from Muskegon that already has an Alabama offer.  He is the complete deal.  MSU offered him today at camp.  He is getting a lot of attention nationally and the Spartans gave him a lot of attention.  He is a plan A guy for 19.



Da’Quarious Johnson is an OL out of Muskegon.  He is an under the radar guy that is raw. He is in the 19 class so he is going to have time to develop, but he could be a late bloomer next year.  No predictions, but he intrigues the staff and is a name to keep an eye on.

Michael Sarabyn from Dowagiac is a 6’6” 290# OL that really showed some sizzle today.  He flashed some impressive athleticism and some real toughness at the point of attack.  In fact, he reminded me a lot of Joel Foreman; just a brute force barbarian.  I like this young man and will certainly keep an eye on him. Not a finished product, but who is with two years of high school left.  I know he has the MSU staff’s attention, let’s see what he does with it.

Jay Amburgey from Reynoldsburg, OH is a 6’5” 250# T/TE that got a lot of looks.  He can do a lot, but what really stood out was how he took coaching.  Whether it was his hands or his feet, he took the coaching and NEVER repeated a mistake.  Jumped back in line early for a lot of reps and he was impressive.



Brady Feeney is a 6’5” 270# intriguing player out of O’Fallon, MO.  When all is said and done I will be shocked if he doesn’t get an offer.  He is young, but stood out as one of the best today.  Against bigger, faster, and older players he held his own, including against high tier 18 players.  Super good at leveraging his body and keeping his body centered at the point of attack. In the punch drill he showed some great hand movement.  Feeney is a name not to forget and he seemed to really like his interaction with the staff.





Evan Boozer from Towson, MD is a 6’4” 250# DL and while raw he is explosive.  A short memory helps him play tough.  Very stout on the attack in a one on one drill against a top level D1 Power Five OL he bull rushed him into the QB.  I liked his work ethic.  He is a relentless rusher.  His enthusiasm sparked the drills and he had the MSU coaches' attention.


Elijah Ratliff from Reynoldsburg, OH is a 6’3” 255# DT that intrigued me today.  Let’s be honest, who cares what I think, he intrigued the coaches.  He has several offers, but no Big Ten schools.  I liked his lateral quickness and his hands snapped like rubber bands evading the offensive lineman and right back in place.



Dane Middlebrook from Brownsburg, IN is a rising star.  A recruit on a meteoric rise that the Spartans are wise to get in on early.  He will be able to pick his school, so perhaps the early and frequent attention from the MSU staff will help their cause.


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