Taking an in-depth & inside look at the 2017 Michigan State ELITE camp!

Taking an in-depth and inside look at the 2017 Michigan State ELITE camp!

East Lansing, MI

It was a big day for Michigan State football.  After months of bad news and a terrible season the Spartans are back on track and the mood in the Spartan Nation should be nothing less than ecstatic.  Here is the rundown of guys that really got our attention.

Now understand that we do not pretend to be God, with nearly 200 players at this event (192 exactly) we could have easily missed someone.  But here is what we saw and can comment on.


Riley Keller 20 OH QB: crisp balls and a real zip.  I don’t know a ton about him, but I like the way he conducted the huddle and took control.

Colin Boehm 19 OH OL: a tough thumper.  He has a mean streak and is a scrapper.  Reminded me of Jack Allen.

Alex Howie 18 MI OL: he is no stranger to Spartan Nation.  Douglas picked up an offer because of his explosion.  Howie had a very solid camp, needs to continue to work on explosion, but his road grading was outstanding.  Put one HIGH LEVEL DL on his can.  He reminds me a ton of Joel Foreman.


Nick Carey 18 MI OL: they took a long hard look at this youngster today and he showed up.  Sp strong and forceful, this young man is the real deal.


Jace Williams 20 MI WR: explosive and great in small spaces.  I liked his crisp and disciplined route running.

CJ Kiss 19 OH TE: was more explosive than I saw in the past and was very solid technique wise.  Not a finished product, but who is with two years of high school left, but best technique of the group.

Chase Kline 18 OH LB: a fierce competitor and he picked up an MSU offer.  At one point took over a drill coaching other guys.  Screams MIKE LB.


Jalin Jones 19 MI RB: MSU needs two of these in 18, but this 19 kid showed some real moves and balance.  At one point, they had him do three reps in a row and he looked like a stud each time.

Spencer Bono 18 OH DE: long lean and athletic.  Great get off and some burst.  Nothing to not love about the young and his game.  The real deal.


Cole Kramer 19 MN QB: I was pleasantly surprised by his smarts.  Very disciplined passer and with no hitting guys tend to take risks in 7 on 7, he did not.  Dantonio watched that closely.

Dezman Cooper 19 OH LB: is no stranger to Spartan Nation.  We have mentioned him before. Super athletic with great vision and while still raw, he is a real freak.  Could be a Denicos Allen type player.

Michael Pellizzari 18 MI OL: braun and bruiser.  Really showed up and needs to show off some more explosion, but he has a chance.

Ed Warinner 18 OH LB: already committed to MSU and he showed super leadership today coaching and recruiting.  He was a critical asset for the Spartans at this camp more for off the field than on.


Nate Martens 19 MO QB: I love this youngster’s game.  So smart, great passer, super vision, and big.  Great leadership.


Michael Dowell 18 OH DB: is already a Spartan commit, but let me tell you that I love this kid and his family.  He led, recruited, made plays, and at the same time was humble.  Great asset for MSU.


Xavier Henderson 18 OH DB: is already an MSU commit, and is even better today than when he committed.  I saw him twice use his body in the air like I haven’t before.  With one more year of high school ball who knows how good he can be.  Clearly he doesn’t think he is a finished product now that he has an offer and committed.  That young man has been working.


Pat Panasiuk 19 IL OL: exactly what you would expect from a Panasiuk.  This one resides on the OL and I will be stunned if he doesn’t end up residing in East Lansing.  Reminds me a lot of Brian Allen; how he got it so early because of Jack.  Clearly Pat gets it from Mike.

Spencer Holstege 19 MI TE: intriguing guy.  I liked his size and talent.  Could end up with Bulk on OL, but showed me a ton of athleticism multiple times and got the coaches’ attention.

Dimitri Douglas 18 MI OL: I wrote about him earlier this week after Big Man camp.  Showed real explosion at that camp.  Picked up an offer to attend today and then got a scholarship offer when he dominated at the point of attack.  He is a very strong lean and I believe MSU is the clear frontrunner.


Dashaun Mallory 18 IL DL: we have had on Spartan Nation before.  This kid is a bulldozer.  A fighter and scrapper.  Reminds me of a guy from years ago who played at Illinois in Moe Gardner.  He has a big upside and I like him.  His game tape this season is critical.

Romelle Grier 20 OH DL: nothing not to love about him.  Every time you saw him he stood out and the coaches repeatedly found their way to his direction.

Davion Williams 18 MI DB: another great day and when Izzo offered to let him play basketball once the season for football was complete each year, he was over the top.  He committed today.


Trenton Gillison 18 OH TE: already a MSU commit, he was simply a man among boys.


Jeremiah Burton 19 OH DL: is everything you want to like.  Size, speed, and athleticism with just enough raw to make you dream of how good he can be.  With two years of high school left that raw will come off, but write it down now, he is a top power five level guy.

Eli Myers 19 OH DL: was a stud today.  Very young and very raw, but he is the absolute real deal.  Intense, powerful, and relentless and you need to remember his name. 

Labronz Davis 19 OH QB: is a gunslinger.  Super talented and raw, but that kid is athletic and very talented.  Dangerous in the open field.

Lonnie Phelps 19 OH DL: he is raw, but very talented and had perhaps the best lateral movement of anyone on the DL.  Burton clearly loved him.

Beau Lombardi 19 IA QB: brother of current MSU QB Rocky, he had a very good day.  Throws a very good ball, with some superb zip.

Marcus Fuqua 19 MI DB: he was commented to by more than one coach with the way he highpoints the ball and with a quick leap.  He is a name to watch close; especially during the season.

Nick Apsey 18 MI RB: MSU is in desperate need off two RB’s as previously mentioned.  He showed promise.  I liked his vision, but what really stood out was his discipline in routes and that kid is tough.  No fear to step up and hit someone blocking.  Intriguing guy that I am going to dig more on.  He helped himself and has their attention.

A.J. Abbott 18 MI WR: MSU wants to take three WR’s in this class and Abbott can flat out fly.  He made two catches today that were nearly as impressive as his speed.  Super young person and very humble.


Danny Motowski 19 MI OL: with a name like Motowski you love that he plays the OL.  I want to see more explosion, but don’t be fooled.  He is solid with all the tools and still has two years of high school.

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