Mark Dantonio & Michigan State Football with help from Tom Izzo landed commit #8 for the 2018 class in MI DB Davion Williams!

Mark Dantonio & Michigan State Football with help from Tom Izzo landed commit #8 for the 2018 class in MI DB Davion Williams!

Since becoming a coveted football recruit, Davion Williams let it be known that he intended on focusing on just one sport at the college level, with that sport being football.

Williams recently told Spartan Nation that he’s focused much of his attention on playing football a sport he’s thrived in despite playing just one year of in high school, over basketball, a sport he grew up playing, when it comes to playing at the next level.

“For me, if I play a sport, I’ve got to go 100 percent on it, I don’t want to go 50 on it, I don’t want to go 75 on it,” Williams told Spartan Nation in May. “I just want to take that role of taking basketball to the fullest, because I feel like basketball has led me to where I am now and being a good player.”

But before Williams camped at Michigan State on Saturday, Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio opened the door for Williams to pursue a college career in both football and basketball.

While Dantonio was aware of Williams’ intentions of playing one sport, he also knows Williams’ passion for playing basketball and before Williams turned in an outstanding performance at the Spartans’ Elite Camp on Saturday, Dantonio had a bit of a surprise for the Belleville two-sport star.

Dantonio introduced him to Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo and in that meet and greet, Williams was informed by Izzo that he is welcome to play on the basketball team after the football season concludes each year if he ended up choosing the Spartans.

Williams said that he obviously was thrilled to hear about that possibility from Izzo.

“Man, that was amazing,” Williams told Spartan Nation on Saturday. “I just love it there.”

So when you added to that great news that one of his best friends in Gabe Brown who is from the same High School picked up an offer from Tom Izzo to play basketball, the stars aligned and he informed Dantonio that he was committing to the Spartans.  Williams made his announcement public via his Twitter feed.  He is Mark Dantonio's eighth commitment for the 2018 class.

Earlier this week, Williams spoke with Spartan Nation and said that he feels he’s becoming a better football player because of the amount of work he’s been putting in on improving on the football field.

“I feel like I’m starting to become a better football player,” he said. “I’m starting to put all of my time into football. In basketball, I went to my first summer league game and I actually had 20 points and I hadn’t touched the ball in like four weeks, so that kind of shocked everybody and it kind of shocked me.”

Stay tuned to Spartan Nation for all of the latest news on this top Michigan State 2018 class!  Spartan Nation has spoken via the telephone with another high sought after 2018 prospect.  He informed me that he also committed to Michigan State today, but he has asked us to keep his name private until he makes it public.  We anticipate that coming Monday.

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