18 MI RB Elijah Collins is Mark Dantonio & Michigan State’s #1 RB target & he talks the recruiting process with us.

18 MI RB Elijah Collins is Mark Dantonio & Michigan State’s #1 RB target & he talks the recruiting process with us.

With Michigan State & Mark Dantonio wanting two RB’s in 18 and none committed yet, it is a good time to catch up with #1 target Elijah Collins.

MSU and Mark Dantonio have 12 players committed for the 2018 football recruiting class.  As of now they still have not landed a running back and they plan to take two.  Their number one target identified early in the process was Elijah Collins from UD Jesuit School in Detroit.


Spartan Nation caught up again with the talented young man from Detroit last night and asked him about the recruiting process.  We also sought some updates on what he is thinking.

“My recruitment is going pretty well actually.  I am talking to a lot of coaches, getting to know coaches and building a lot of relationships.  I am trying to make those things as strong as possible before I make my decision.  It is going pretty well.”

But while teams are hunting across the nation looking for that feature back, Collins feels no need to rush a decision.  “As of right now I am thinking towards the middle of the season or potentially at the end of it.”


Spartan Nation already reported about Collins being on campus for a Tom Izzo team basketball camp this summer.  We also told you that he took some time to be with the MSU Football coaches while there.  He addressed that with us.  “I went up there (East Lansing) for the MSU team camp and on my down time I was able to talk to the coaches and set up some meetings so I could get to know the coaches better. “

I specifically asked Collins about his conversation with Dantonio on that day.  He was excited to say, “The conversation went great.  I got to know Coach Dantonio a little better and we got to talk about my situation.  We talked about the running back situation at Michigan State and the talk went pretty well I believe.”

Dantonio and Izzo are known to tag team for a player.  I asked Collins if the opportunity to play football and basketball had been presented to him as it had to Davion Williams earlier this season.  “That was not really talked about, but if the opportunity was presented I would take it for sure, but as of right now my heart is set on football.”


Collins emphasis on taking that opportunity was not presented in the light of automatically accepting Dantonio’s offer should Izzo chime in an opportunity to play.  It was if he accepted Dantonio’s offer, he would take Izzo up on playing basketball too.

Collins has a lot of interest from other schools as well.  We asked him to update on those schools.

With the Iowa Hawkeyes Collins said, “Iowa is a school that has been there with me throughout my recruiting process.  I was able to talk to the coaches from Iowa and they were able to come down and visit me.  They got to view some of my earlier workouts so I got to spend a lot of time with Iowa.”  Collins is still considering Iowa.

As far as the Minnesota Gophers go he told Spartan Nation, “They are a great program.  They are rebuilding and that is a great opportunity for me.  They have a lot of young guys, hopefully I could get in there and get in the mix and play as a freshman.  I have been texting with Coach (P.J.) Fleck every once in a while. “

With the Boilermakers of Purdue, he has an offer and has been hearing from them.  “Hopefully I can visit Purdue pretty soon.”  While Collins doesn’t know much about Purdue as of yet, he is intrigued by the new staff. 

Another school hot after Collins who has gone straight up head to head with MSU this summer on other targets is Kentucky.  The Wildcats have offered Collins and I asked about them and the offer he holds from the SEC school.  “Hopefully I can visit them real soon.  I am planning a visit pretty soon actually.”  I wouldn’t count the Cats out as Collins is certainly intrigued by what they are doing.  UK at this moment has two commitments from state of Michigan players that both held MSU offers.

With so many schools and so many grasping for his attention does Collins plan to do anything to lessen the noise?  He sure does.  “I am trimming my list down now.  Talking to my parents and trying to make my list more manageable which I am in the process of doing right now.    I am going to be releasing a top ten or a top five maybe by the end of July.”    

But for the Spartan Nation, don’t think for a second the Spartans are out of the mix.  As Collins trims his list the Spartans will remain on it.  He told me they would.  So what does he like about MSU?  “I love the tradition and the attitude they have now.  A lot of stuff has been going on and they realize that.  Trying to have a jump back year this year and they got to come back and rebuild from what has happened and learn from it so it doesn’t happen again and have a productive season.  Michigan State is a good football program, I still believe in them.”    

Keep it tuned to Spartan Nation as Mark Dantonio continues to build his 2018 class and as we keep a close eye on Collins and where he will pick.  With Collins waiting so long, will MSU wait?  He is their number one target.

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