Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

You have said that MSU is taking three linebackers in this class.  With two committed, what are the top prospects for that last spot?  Marty Martin

Two that they are making a priority are Christopher Oats out of Cincinnati and Chase Kline out of Chardon, Oh.  Both are very solid players and MSU would be thrilled if either pulled the trigger for them.  I do not think they are a leader for Oats, but I do think MSU has a better shot at Kline.  I do not think they are out on Oats, just in a simply better spot Kline.


Hondo, you have interviewed California WR Nikko Hall before.  I loved his film.  Do we have room for another WR and what is the status with Hall?  Tim Price

Yes, MSU has room.  They have one wide out committed in Javez Alexander out of Sandusky, OH.  They want to take three, so there are two spots left.  I have interviewed Hall, but I would say at this point MSU is not going after him as hard as they are some other players.  They are looking harder in some other directions.


Hondo, I was at something and there happened to be a father of a current MSU LB there.  He was asked about the off season and he was telling everyone how Mark Dantonio getting Mark Snyder out of the locker room was really going to help his son and the young linebackers.  I was floored to hear his thoughts on the coach.  Have you heard that?  What do you think and keep up the great work? Kyle Dennis

Kyle, I edited out the name of the player in your question.  I do not think it is fair to label a player by what his father says, especially in a situation where a parent may not be paying attention to speaking with people who could disseminate the information.  Secondly, I have heard the same from a few people.  I am not in the linebacker room so I can’t comment specifically, but I can tell you that our linebacker play struggled after Mike Tressel was replaced and there is a sense of excitement that he has returned.


Hondo, what was the biggest reason, in your opinion, for our defensive failure last season?  Karen Whield

Delayed blitzes liked Michigan State last year if you are specifically discussing on field action.  They were devastating to the Spartans and hurt them.  My father used to say that you can’t complete a pass when you are laying on your (Butt).  Even if you do not get a sack, the QB has to get hit to disrupt a passing game and the delayed blitz simply didn’t provide any pressure.


Hondo, defense under Mark Dantonio was always our bread and butter.  We were OK the first year without Coach Narduzzi so I don’t think just losing him hurt us last year.  Any thoughts on the struggles?  Jim Smart

I already addressed the delayed blitz, but another was horrific 3rd down failure.  While not great, I thought the Spartans were satisfactory on first and second down, but were horrific on 3rd down.  If you can’t get off the field on 3rd down you can’t win.


Hondo, is it fair to be concerned with only one offensive line commit for the 18 class?  K.A. Muskegon, MI

This is mid-July.  They are not going to take a ton of guys and I know that there are several that they are watching close the first three games of the high school year.   Sure, I think it is fair to be concerned, but no reason at all to panic.  Dimitri Douglas is their lone OL commit and he is a good one.



With you already reporting the Spartans wanting two running backs, does Elijah Collins stay number one like you have said and how do you think that leans?  Who would be the other top target?  Harold  B.

Elijah still is their number one target.  YOU CAN READ THE LATEST HERE and we have discussed Harold Joiner YOU CAN READ THAT HERE.  I in no way think MSU is out of it with either, but in both cases I do not think they are leading at this moment and need to make up some ground.  In combining your question with the one from K.A. above I think there is much more need for concern about RB than OL at this moment.

Hondo, with Lashawn Paulino-Bell out of the hospital and at Michigan State can we expect him to compete and play this year?  With defensive end being so slim we sure need him.  Kyle Villeneuve

Our hopes and prayers need only be focused on a complete recovery since his accident.  But when he is fully recovered and cleared to play, he is a very talented young man. It will certainly take time for him to get in shape and back ready to go.  My rule is that I never have expectation until year three on any player, and after injury, that is even more in play.


Hondo, I saw that the three former MSU football players accused of assaulting a girl were dismissed from the school.  How come you didn’t report on that?  I am not calling you out or being a jerk I really am just wondering.  Mark Canfield

Mark, I made it clear once they were dismissed from the team that unless any part of their story had a direct impact on football that I was done.  I am not a crime reporter.  All three young men and the alleged victim have a right to have their day in court.  All three of them were no longer on the team and I wouldn’t report at Spartan Nation on an engineering or commercial packaging student being kicked out for a Title IX violation.  It was germane to write about their dismissal from the team, but not this.  I am not calling out those who did; I can only speak for me at Spartan Nation.



There you go everyone.  That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article.  Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A.  If you are a premium member to Spartan Nation please make sure you point that out, as those questions get answered first.  Thank you.

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