Did Mark Hollis steal an idea from ES?

Did MSU Associate AD Mark Hollis steal an idea from the ES? The ES thinks so. And, that's fantastic... whatever works to help promote the Big Green!

-- Yes, MSU to play on aircraft carrier -- just basketball, not football http://enlightenedspartan.com

(3/3/04)--Did MSU Associate AD Mark Hollis steal an idea from the ES? The ES thinks so. And, that's fantastic... whatever works to help promote the Big Green!

As reported in today's Lansing State Journal, MSU is looking to play a basketball game against the Navy Academy on an Aircraft Carrier on Veterans Day -- November 11 -- either in 2004 or 2005. Just an FYI to Joe Rexrode of the Lansing State Journal... the Enlightened Spartan came up with a zany scenario last May 30, 2003 (see below or in the ES' column archive) -- when he invented "Gridiron At Sea" with MSU playing a football game against the Naval Academy on the USS Nimitz in 2008.

Doesn't seem so zany now, does it Spartan fans?

As reported in the LSJ, Hollis actually is moving forward with the idea, and that it has received initial approval from the Department of Defense to play on a flight deck of a carrier docked in Jacksonville, FL. Approximately 8,000 seats would be available. Hollis told the LSJ: "we're still doing a feasibility study to see if this is possible... it could go one way or the other." Hollis also stated: "...everyone agreed that this is an excellent way for people to come into touch withwhat the country has gone through." North Carolina would also play Air Force as part of this extraordinary basketball doubleheader.

Anyhow... check out my previous idea, and fictious quotes, and you can see the similarities. Great job Hollis! You're welcome!

"Gridiron at Sea": MSU fball to battle Navy aboard USS Nimitz in 2008

(05/30/03)--The Enlightened Spartan has learned from inside sources that the "BasketBowl" planned by MSU Asst. AD Mark Hollis and head coach Tom Izzo is just the tip of the iceberg. You can read more about BasketBowl below, but get a load of this:

Next week, possibly by Monday, MSU Athletics Director Ron Mason along with head football coach John L. Smith, will announce that the MSU football team has initially scheduled a contest in 2008 at the Naval Academy aboard the USS Nimitz, probably the season opener on August 30.

The Nimitz will be docked in Annapolis, Maryland, for the game: the ship will not be under sail, due to obvious logistical and safety concerns. Artifical turf will be laid, with enough room for 5,000 bleacher seats surrounding the turf. Another 15,000 bleacher seats will be constructed on the deck adjoining the pier where the Nimitz is to be docked. Although seating only 20,000 for the game, it will be billed as "Gridiron at Sea."

The Nimitz's flight deck, at 252 feet wide, and an overall length of 1,092 feet, can easily accomodate the playing surface (NCAA regulations of 160 feet wide by 360 feet long) and the crowd. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime event," stated Mason. "Who would have thought playing football on an aircraft carrier was possible? It is simply unbelievable. But, having an opportunity to do something patriotic like this, to promote our armed forces and have the university involved; well, it is a win-win situation for everybody."

Head coach John L. Smith stated: "we are extremely excited about this opportunity. We just want to make sure that, if a kick sails out of bounds, that the players don't jump overboard after it. They'd get killed by the fall itself. At least we're playing the Naval Academy, so we've got a decent chance against them."

Mason stated that details are still being worked out between the Department of Defense, the Secretary of the Navy, and the NCAA. "But, we've got five years to figure this out, so there is plenty of time."

More details to follow.

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