What's going on with Hawaii DL Mika Kane?

EAST LANSING - If Michigan State is still interested in 6-foot-3, 285 pound senior lineman Mika Kane, they had better get their ducks in a row.

The Hawaii native had MSU rated #3 in his top five and is was all set to take one of his five visits to East Lansing, but his patience is running and he could give his last visit to either Florida or any one of the four coaches on the island recruiting for their respective schools.

Kane's father told Scout.com that he son would love to visit East Lansing "if they ever get back to us. "Since their last visit, after the [MSU vs] UH game, we never heard anything else."

Kane's mother told us that coach John L. Smith had talked to the family and they were very excited about visiting East Lansing, but now they wonder if MSU is still interested.

"We are waiting to hear from Coach Smith to see if the visit is still on. Four coaches are in town and they all want to visit us and set up visits for Mika."

Kane has already visited San Diego State (Dec. 17) and is scheduled to visit Oregon State (Jan. 7) and Michigan State (tentatively Jan. 14) but recently he got a call from new Florida head coach Urban Meyer.

"He explained the situation. He said, 'At Utah, I liked you and Tyson (Alualu).' He likes Polynesian kids, and no matter where he goes, he wants some," Kane said. "I thought, SEC? Holy crap."

Kane said Hawaii is also angling for that precious last visit. If MSU still plans on making the big defensive lineman a Spartan, they'd better get on the phone.

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