Tickets on rise at MSU

Michigan State University will raise the cost of most tickets between $2 and $3 per seat for the 2005 football season. While the increase was widely expected, the new provision to charge substantially more for what the university terms "premium" games, has been met with mixed reviews. MSU spokesman John Lewandowski says the ticket prices for such games were "undervalued."

EAST LANSING - Michigan State expects to field a better football team in 2005 and fans will have to pay more for the privlege of watching it.

Beginning this fall, MSU will raise ticket prices by $2 to $3 per seat, but the kicker is the new high ticket prices for "premium" games. MSU will raise their normal ticket price from $46 to $70 for fans who want to watch the annual UM-MSU game.

MSU spokesman John Lewandowski defended the school's decision to raise ticket prices so substantially for the so-called premium contest.

"As we looked around the nation, we realized we had really undervalued the premium games," Lewandowski said. "A ticket to the Oklahoma-Texas game last year was $85. For Miami-Florida State, it was $75. We're also hoping this will help drive season-ticket sales."

Lewandowski pointed out that if fans purchase season tickets they do not experience the cost increase for the so-called premium games since the package buyer gets all games at the same price.

He also pointed out that if fans purchase the "family plan", which obligates a buyer to purchase a set of four season tickets, the price is $180 per seat for all six home games. That carries a rather modest increase of just $2 per ticket.

The university is just finishing up a remodeling project on Spartan Stadium and plan to use the increase in ticket prices to offset the cost of revamping the stadium. MSU added luxury suites and club seats to the stadium, raising capacity to nearly 75,000 seats.

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