Postgame Quotables: MSU 81, Minnesota 62

Read postgame commentary from Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo and Minnesota Head Coach Dan Monson following the Spartans 81-62 victory, as well as tap into all the other features of Spartans Insider and the Network when you <I>Get Inside</I>

Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo

Opening Statement:

"For us, that is what the doctor ordered. I thought we had more guys playing well at certain times. There were negatives, but then, there were a lot of positives. We didn't shoot the ball well from the three and we had some of our best shooters, including KT (Torbert), Maurice (Ager), and Drew (Neitzel). I thought these guys had some pretty good looks. We struggled a little bit with turnovers again, we had some foolish ones. And the only other thing that I was a little disappointed with was that we just haven't been getting to the free throw line as much."

On the positives:

"The bright spots were numerous, especially for our two point guards, with five assists for Drew (Neitzel) and six for Chris (Hill). Paul (Davis) was sick, he had the flu, but he had 10 points and eight rebounds in the first half.

"Shannon (Brown) is just starting to get better and better. So, there were a lot of guys who did well. Alan Anderson played an exceptional game and yet, stat wise, it wasn't one of his more key games. But what we want to do is help Alan's career and help him as a post (player). As a staff, we thought Alan might have played as well as anyone. Minnesota played well early, and I do think we wore them down a little bit, which is what we are trying to do."

Minnesota Head Coach Dan Monson

Opening statement:

"This year, we have been a team that has had some success triggered by our defense. The past three games, we have run into sort of a roadblock, defensively, where we have had some breakdowns. I thought we had good preparation, but to simulate what they do in transition is pretty difficult. We were back, we just didn't get set."

On strategizing against the Spartans:

"We knew the three things we had to do to be competitive in this game were to stop them in transition, keep them off the free throw line, and outrebound them. At halftime, we had figured out how to stop them on the offensive boards, we just let them make everything."

On his team's fatigue:

"We are a team that doesn't have a bye in the middle of the season, so everyday we expend a lot of energy. We were using enough, defensively, coming into this game. I don't think I have ever done this before a Saturday game, but I am going to give the team tomorrow off to try to get some life back in them."

On Spartan offense:

"We were able to cut it to two late in the first half, but they made some shots at the end of the shot-clock that were really crucial. You just can't let a team like that get into an offensive rhythm. We could not get to them, offensively."

On MSU as a national threat:

"This is not the place you want to go to try to fix your team. I think Michigan State is one of the most underrated teams in the nation. They have gotten a lot of undeserved criticism for an 18-4 team."

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