Postgame Quotables: MSU 90. Penn State 64

<I> Get Inside</I> to read postgame commentary from Spartans Head Cocah Tom Izzo and Nittany Lions Head Coach Ed DeChellis following Michigan State's 90-64 win over Penn State Saturday night in East Lansing.

Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo

Opening statement:

"We went into the game with a couple of goals. We wanted to shoot better from three-point line, which, thank goodness, we did. The big one was making sure we limited their offensive rebounding; they were leading the league in an area we've owned for a while, and to hold them to only seven, while we got 16, is big. The unselfishness on senior night was great - we had 28 assists on 36 baskets, so that was impressive."

On the team's defensive effort:

"Our defense in the second half was outstanding, and I thought we did a lot of good things. In the first half we gave up a lot of threes, gave up some transition baskets; our half-court defense was actually very good the whole game."

On where the team stands, at this point in the season:

"As I break it down, 22-5 and 13-3 is a pretty good way to finish this part of the season, and now the one-and-done time comes and it'll get a little tougher, but we're looking forward to it."

On Andy Harvey's first basket as a Spartan and on the performances of his seniors overall:

"For Andy to get his first basket as a Michigan State basketball player four years later is quite a treat, I was really happy for Andy.

"Each senior did what they do; Chris (Hill) fired 5-8 from the three, and Alan has had as good a senior year as anybody - he hits for 22 points and 10 rebounds. KT gets 11 points and starts out with a big dunk that was executed very well. And, of course, Timmy did what Timmy does, he was all over the court. So each senior kind of ended their career and regular season on a bright spot."

Penn State head coach Ed DeChellis

Overall thoughts on the game:

"Michigan State is very, very good in transition, so you can't give them easy transitions, but there is no defense in the backcourt when MSU takes it down the floor, and that's something that has taunted us all year. In the second half, the really turned the heat up on us, and we didn't handle the pressure very well."

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