Ode to Ashley - A Basketball Poem

In the spirit of Grantland Rice, chivalry and good sportmanship, and on behalf of Michigan State's male fanbase, SpartansInsider basketball writer Doug Warren dedicates his first (and probably last) basketball poem to the University of Kentucky's loveliest fan.

Two days have now passed

Since the Spartans did outlast

Your beloved Wildcats from UK


When Tubby's boys and Tom's sons

Played a game for the Gods

That will be spoken about for years to come


As the Spartans of Anderson,

Davis, Ager and Brown

Battled Wildcats named Hayes,

Azubuike and Moss


There you were in the stands

Cheering on with the fans

And the spirits of Rupp and Happy Chandler


When a player named Sparks

Beat the clock with a shot

Regulation became two OT's


In the end not to be

Was a ‘Cat victory

Now Kentucky rains

Tears of lament


But remember Ms. Ashley

Tis' only a game

Maybe next year

Holds UK fortune and fame


Though you don't Naomi

Nor do I Nao-u

I feel an invite is due nonetheless


Wynonna you come

Cross the river of mud

As an roundball honoree

For our cause


For there'd be nothin' finer

When Sparty beats Carolina

Then to see you don

Green and White in St. Louie


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