Exclusive: Dave Telep on MSU Recruiting (Part 2).

InsideMichiganState.com's Doug Warren spoke with Scout.com's Dave Telep Wednesday about the prospects in Michigan State's 2006 and 2007 recruiting classes. In this second part of a two part series, Dave gives his thoughts about the top two Michigan prospects on Tom Izzo's 2007 watchlist, Alex Legion and Darquavis Tucker. Also in our conversation, Dave gives major props to the brand of basketball that the top AAU squads from the Great Lakes State bring to the table.

IMS: Can you give us your thoughts on the Michigan Hurricanes' wing duo of Darquavis Tucker (Saginaw Arthur Hill) and Alex Legion (Detroit Country Day)?

DT: Unbelievable athletes, both are strong, powerful, big time wings. Tucker and Legion are guys that you really get excited about going to see play. There will not be an AAU team in the country that has a pair of more athletic underclassmen than those two guys.

All of the players we've talked about (in the 2006 and 2007 classes) are legitimate Michigan State targets. The problem is that you're going to have to space some of these kids out at the same positions. That's going to be something that Tom Izzo's going to look at for the future. You've got the (Leon) Freeman and the Ramar Smith. You've got Darquavis Tucker and Alex Legion and you're (Izzo) going to have to figure out how to package those guys together.

IMS: I'd like to ask you quickly about your thoughts on the three big Michigan AAU squads – The Family, Michigan Hurricanes and the Michigan Mustangs. How will they compete during the summer season and can any of them grab a tournament championship along the way?

DT: (The Family) took Boo Williams to the brink the other night (last Friday in the Boo Williams Invitational in Hampton, Virginia). They're the toughest bunch of kids I've see so far this year. Those guys only know how to play one way. These teams from Detroit – they all walk into these tournaments thinking that they are going to be in the playoffs and playing for a championship every weekend. The Family took a team of Boo Williams guys that had 13 mid-to-high level Division I players and played them to a two-point game with 20 seconds left. I think that speaks volumes about where they are.

IMS: How about the Michigan Hurricanes?

DT: I think the same thing, just maybe a little bit younger than The Family, with the two wing kids who are young (Legion and Tucker). In AAU basketball you've got to have a point guard who can go, and in Tory Jackson they have a speed and tempo guy who's really going to be an asset to them with the young wings that they have.

IMS: Finally, the Michigan Mustangs with K'Len Morris and David Kool, among others?

DT: They'll be a good team, probably not as talented as the first two, but those guys are always tough. When they get to Las Vegas (Reebok Big Time Tourney), that team is always playing well.

Note: Scout.com's Dave Telep will be reporting this weekend from the Real Deal on the Hill Tournament in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Michigan AAU squads The Family and the Michigan Hurricanes will be taking part in the event. Here Dave's preview:

The Real Deal is Real Strong.

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