Trannon: Don't worry about preseason predictions caught up with MSU wide receiver Matt Trannon who will be one of the focal points of the State offensive attack. Trannon spoke on a wide range of issues, including the preseason prognostication of a seventh place or worse finish for this year's edition of the Spartan football team.

Michigan State senior receiver Matt Trannon is expected to be one of the focal points of the offensive attack this season. Trannon has shown glipses that he could become a special receiver in the mold of former MSU greats Charles Rogers and Plaxico Burress, but has yet to put together that kind of season.

Trannon joined the Spartan basketball team as a role player and enjoyed the team's run to the Final Four as a rebounding power forward. Now, though, Trannon is expected to step out of the background and squarely into the spotlight.

The Spartan coaching staff would love to see him build on his 36 catch, 405-yard, two touchdown receiving season (second on the team) a year ago and put up the kinds of numbers everyone believes he is capable of putting up. caught up with Trannon and got his responses to a wide-ranging variety of football related issues.

Expectations for himself this season:
"[I ] just [want to] go out and be a dominant receiver. I want to go out there knowing, like everything's mine and I'm the best wide receiver on the field. To go out there and just do it, to know what I can do and just go out there and show it."

How he has improved over last season?
"[I'm] more humble, more focused, knowing what I have to do, knowing my expectations on the field and go out there and exceed them."

Is their pressure on the offense to score because of question marks on the defensive side of the ball?
"Not necessarily because we know the defense is going to make their big plays and we are going to make our big plays. We just want to go out there and take it one play at a time."

What is the potential for the MSU offense?
"We're a big weapon right now because we have everybody back (from last's years 5-6 team) except for two "O" linemen. We're a threat to everybody because they never know what to expect from us. It could be a run, Drew (Stanton) can run or he can pass it to us and we can score. We're going to let everybody do their part on the offense and just let it fall into place."

What has the receiving corps done to allievate dropped balls?
"We've gone out there and worked in the summer time, every other day catching the ball and doing little drills. The more you catch the more you get familiar with the passes and it just become one with you, like it's your best friend and you'll catch it no matter what."

On using the low preseason predictions for the team as motivation:
"Yeah, I'm pretty sure we were mad but we looked passed it. We know who we are and we know what we can do. That's nothing but ink on paper. That doesn't mean anything, but it does mean something when we go out there every Saturday and try to prove ourselves."

Is the team looking ahead to matchups against Michigan or Ohio State?
"We don't look ahead. We're veterans now, we've been here four years together. We've got to go out and do this. We know what we have to do and what our advantages are against the other team, so we just want to go out there and do it like that."

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